Best Wireless Charger for LG G6

Looking for a great wireless charger for your LG G6? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover which wireless chargers made the cut as we review three of the very best model available. We tell you why these entries made the cut so you know which model is right for your needs.

Is the LG G6 Wireless Charging Capable?

It sure is. By investing in a wireless charging pad, you can get the most out of your shiny new smartphone. Wireless charging LG G6 chargers are everywhere you look, in fact.

We’ve narrowed down the best entries after trying out several to tell you which ones are worth the investment. As you’ll soon discover, fast wireless charging is easier than you might think.

You can charge your LG G6 on a wireless charging pad, eliminating the need for pesky wires. If you’re interested in wireless chargers, read on to learn more about these innovative inventions.

Can My LG Phone Be Charged Wirelessly?

This largely depends on the type of phone you have. Not all LG phones can make use of wireless chargers. You’ll need to check to make sure it is compatible with a charging pad before you invest in a wireless charger.

What Type of Charger Does LG G6 Use?

The LG G6 makes use of the USB-C charging cable. If you invest in a wireless charger, you won’t have to use this cable to charge your smartphone. However, it’s likely that the wireless charging unit will use this type of charging cable anyway, as it needs to be plugged in to charge your device wirelessly.


1. Yootech Wireless Charger – Best Overall Option

Yootech Wireless Charger

This sleek, modern-looking wireless charger is a great option for LG G6 users. If you’ve been looking for cell phones wireless charger, this charging pad is right up your alley.

We love the look and feel of this model. There isn’t a lot to mess with in order to use it. Simply plug the charging pad into the wall outlet and place your phone on top of it. Soon, you will be annoying wireless charging without the need for wires.

Thanks to Qi charging capabilities, you can look forward to faster wireless charging times, cutting down on the amount of wait time usually associated with charging. The quick charge feature works really well. In all of our testing, we noticed improved charging speeds thanks to this handy addition.

Not only that, but this charging pad also comes equipped with protection features that prevent your phone from overcharging. You can also look forward to surge protection to keep your phone from getting fried. These preventive features are a must-have in any charging device.

The best wireless charging pad models come with preventive features. So you’re sure to enjoy a safe wireless charging experience with the Yootech charging pad.

The build quality and construction are solid and sturdy. As an LG wireless charger, G6 owners will be plenty pleased with the performance of this unit. The price is more than reasonable, too. You’re getting excellent performance at an affordable price.

The build quality is sound, ensuring that you’re investing in a unit that will last. It feels durable, too. So you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

The price is more than fair. We suggest saving your money on higher-end models and investing in this quality unit. It performed well in all our tests, and we can’t recommend it enough. Yootech has delivered a finely-crafted wireless charger for a great price.


  • Protection – You don’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged with this charger. It continually makes sure that there are no power surges that could harm your mobile device. Safe wireless charging is made easy and affordable thanks to this handy addition.
  • Fast Wireless Charging – In a hurry and need your phone charged quickly? No problem here. This wireless charging device keeps your phone juiced up quickly and efficiently with fast wireless charging. Just place your phone on the charging pad for fast, effective wireless charging.
  • 3 Wireless Charging Modes – Now you can control how much power is supplied to your phone with this charger. With this handy setting, you get just the right amount of wireless charging output to your device, for safer wireless charging.


  • Limited Use – The drawback to this wireless charging device is that it’s a bit underpowered. While it delivers faster wireless charging, it’s not quite as snappy as other higher-end wireless charging units. Still, for the price, you’re getting a great bargain.

2. No products found. – Upgrade Option

If you want to add some class to your wireless charging experience, look no further than to this stunning charging pad. It sports a sleek marble finish that ensures you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

There’s even gold plating around the pad to add more character and class to your wireless charging device. Want an attractive charger for cell phone? Wireless charging never looked so good with this unit.

The power bank uses USB-C charging. This ensures that your new wireless charger is able to deliver the fastest wireless charging experience possible.

And thanks to Qi charging, your wireless charging will be even faster. This fast wireless charging technology is the best available. It delivers incredible speed for a snappy wireless charging device. This charger is compatible with many smartphones. If you own other devices, you’ll want to check to see if it’s compatible with this slick quick charge pad.

Other charging pads pale in comparison. We looked at several charging pads, and this is hands-down the classiest of them all. You will certainly have something most others don’t.

It also makes a great display piece, so you won’t have to worry about putting up your wireless charging pad after you’re finished using it. Leave it out with pride, as it looks simply stunning.

You’re going to be a little bit more for this robust power bank. But by our estimation, the slight cost difference is well worth the investment. Considering the convenience it provides, can you really put a price on that?


  • Marble and Gold – These two combine to deliver a truly stunning charging experience. No other charging pads came close to providing the classy look and feel of this unique charger for the G6.
  • Quick Charge – Most of us lead pretty busy lives. As such, we don’t have time to wait around for our devices to charge up. Thanks to this G6 wireless charging pad feature, you can look forward to using your devices more often. This wireless charging pad definitely delivers excellent fast wireless charging.
  • USB-C – With this updated charging port, your wireless charging pad will charge up your G6 faster than ever. With this new charging port at the ready, you can always look forward to getting the fastest charging possible.


  • It’s Pricey – You’re going to be paying quite a bit more for this unit. With that being said, no wireless charger LG G6 comes close to its beauty. If you’re looking to stun your friends and family, this the charger for you.


When it came down to deciding which wireless charger was the better bang for your buck, we had to give it to Yootech Wireless Charger. They deliver a sleek, stylish charger in their own right that provides stellar performance and ease of use.

While the GAZEON is certainly unique, we can’t justify shelling out the extra cash just for looks. Yootech’s charger provides all the same benefits and features. It just doesn’t look quite as pretty. We recommend saving your money and investing in the Yootech wireless charger for your LG G6.

It’s well-made, it looks sharp, and it costs half the price of the GAZEON charger. We were plenty pleased with everything the Yootech had to offer, and you will be, too.