Anker Charger Blinking

Why Is My Anker Charger Blinking? – FAQs 2021

Essentially, your Anker charger is blinking because there is something wrong with the charging process. The light can either be blue or green, and they indicate different issues. 

Anker is a leading technology company based in China that is known for their computer and mobile accessories. They produce high-quality chargers, power banks, headphones, earbuds, speakers, data hubs, and similar accessories for your devices that make your life easier. 

When it comes to Anker chargers and power banks, there will be times when the LED lights blink. You might ask, “Why is my Anker charger blinking?” In this article, we talk about all the reasons why your charger or power bank might have a blinking LED light, along with other FAQs that might need answering. 

Why is My Anker Charger Blinking?

If it’s blinking blue, there is something obstructing the charging surface of the charger and the back of your phone. Try to remove thick covers, card holders, or metal pop sockets before you try to recharge it. 

If your charger is blinking green, you’re using the wrong adapter. Anker suggests that you use a 5V/2A adapter with your charger. Anything of a lower rating will set off a green blinking light on your charger. 

Other FAQs

Anker chargers and power banks are easy to use, reliable, and come with high power ratings that help you charge your devices quicker. However, you might face some issues when using these devices if you’re not familiar with how they work. 

Blinking chargers and power banks are several types of issues that you might encounter while getting used to Anker products. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Anker charging devices. 

Why Is My Anker Power Bank Blinking?

Blinking lights on Anker Power banks are a means of letting you know how much battery you have left when you’re charging them. 

If you’re using a power bank, you might see four blue LED lights on the top or side. If one of these four lights is blinking, the power bank is less than 25% charged. Similarly, if you see three of these lights on and the fourth one blinking, it means that the power bank is more than 75% charged. 

When the charging is complete, all the lights will go dark. At this point, you can unplug your power bank and start using it to charge other devices. Keep in mind that Anker power banks cannot be used to charge your phones while they are charging. This is an intentional feature to ensure that effective phone charging can be achieved without energy loss. 

What Do the Lights on my Anker Charger Mean?

For chargers, LED lights symbolize the charging process. If you have a charger that plugs into a wall socket, the light on it indicates that power is flowing through the socket into your phone or laptop. 

For power banks, you might notice multiple lights present on the device. These lights symbolize the amount of charge left in the power bank. For example, you may have four lights on your Anker power bank. If two of these lights are turned on, it means that your power bank is more than 50% charged. 

Anker also makes wireless chargers that you can plug into a wall socket and then put your phone or other devices on (for example, Airpods).

My Anker Charger Is Blinking and Not Charging My Phone. What Should I Do?

If your Anker wireless charging pad is flashing blue lights and not charging your phone, the most common reason is interference. As mentioned, the presence of thick cases or metal might be interfering with the wireless charging technology. Here are some steps you can use to ensure that your charging goes back to normal. 

  1. Check all your connections to make sure they’re fitting. 
  2. Ensure that your cover is not too thick and that no metal is present, including tags or pop sockets. If you have a cardholder attached to your phone, remove it and try charging it again. 
  3. Remove the cover from your phone and place it directly on the charger. This usually lets you charge your phone, and it might not be a problem when you put your cover on the next time. 
  4. Restart your charger and phone, clean the phone’s back glass and charging surface, and try it again. This works in most cases. 
  5. Change your adapter to the correct rating. If you’re not using a proprietary cable, check the specifications of the wireless charging pad’s box and confirm which adapter will give you the correct charging power. 

My Anker Charger Shows Blinking LEDs but Does Not Charge. Is This Normal?

No. An Anker power bank might take anywhere between 10 to 20 hours of charging to reach full charge, depending on the capacity and the charger you’re using. For example, the Powercore 20100, one of Anker’s leading products, takes around 10 hours to charge if you’re using a compatible 2 amp charger. 

However, if you’ve plugged the charger in for hours and you do not see the blinking LEDs increasing in number, this could be because of two reasons:

  1. You’re not using the right charger. While the power bank can be fully charged in 10 hours by using a 2 amp charger, it might take more than twice as long to charge it with a 1 amp charger. Make sure you use the proprietary adapter or a similarly rated one to charge your power banks. 
  2. Your Anker power bank is faulty. If you’re using the right adapter and cable and your device has not charged, even after being plugged in for several hours, you can contact the Anker Customer Care Service

Will My Phone Cover Prevent My Phone From Charging on an Anker Charger?

No. The only problems you might face is if you have a metal pop socket, a card holder, or something similar on the back of your phone. 

Anker wireless charging pads are designed to let you charge your phone through its cover, so you do not have to remove your cover every time you charge your phone. The PowerWave technology present in these chargers is designed to transmit power through your phone cover. 

However, you have to ensure that your cover is made out of rubber, plastic, or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), and is under 5 mm of thickness. If you have a thicker cover, you might notice the blue light flashing on your wireless charging pad, signifying that your phone is not charging properly. 

Which Adapter Should I Use for the Best Possible Charging Experience?

With the Anker 7.5W Wireless charging pad, you will obtain the best results from a Quick Charge Adapter. If you’re not familiar with Quick Charge, it is a Qualcomm technology designed for Android devices that lets the phone’s battery draw more power from the charger. 

This will not affect the battery’s health and long-term battery life. For example, you may have noticed that most new high-end (and even some mid-range) Android devices include fast charging capabilities that allow them to charge much quicker than their older counterparts, even those with larger battery capacities. 

The latest Quick Charge technology used in Android devices is Quick Charge 3.0, a feature found in the latest Snapdragon processors. You can read more about this in this Qualcomm blog about Quick Charge 3.0.

The Bottom Line

Anker chargers, wireless charging pads, and power stations are some of the best mobile and computer accessories present on the market today. Top-rated tech reviewers and YouTubers swear by the company’s products, and it has made quite a name for itself in the tech accessories niche. 

If questions like “why is my Anker charger blinking” or “what I can do to make my charging experience better” have bothered you, this article has hopefully helped you. If you’re interested in similar topics about chargers, power banks, and power stations, we have several informational articles, reviews, and comparisons on WattzUpPower that you should definitely check out!