Best Car Charger for Pixel 3

Are you looking for the best charging option for your Pixel 3 while you’re on the go? Don’t waste your time scouring the internet, because we have compiled the very best car chargers for your shopping convenience. These are the top buys, providing high quality and fast charging without breaking the bank.

The Best Car Charger for Your Pixel 3

As you have likely already discovered, there are countless car chargers available for your Pixel. How are you supposed to know which ones are worthy of your time and money? That’s where we come in. We have tested various models and narrowed down the three top buys.

What Kind of Charger Does a Google Pixel 3 Use?

As a newer mobile device, Google’s Pixel 3 makes use of USB-C. As the latest in charging types, you can enjoy car chargers that work faster to top off your battery. And as you will soon learn, the much-loved Quick Charge feature has now been trumped by Google’s new charging system.

Does Pixel 3 Have Quick Charge?

Surprisingly, Quick Charge is now considered a bit antiquated by Pixel 3’s standards. Thanks to the new Power Delivery feature, you can enjoy fast charging. But you need to invest in the best car chargers if you want to benefit from this feature while you’re traveling.

That’s why we thoroughly researched each car charger. Google Pixel 3 owners will be happy to learn that our top picks perform well and are reasonably priced.

What Is the Best Charger to Buy?

By our estimation, Aukey and Kenu offer excellent quality and charging capabilities. You can look forward to excellent build-quality and performance. And if you’re buying a Google Pixel charger on a budget, Cluvox delivers an affordable option that gets the job done.

How Do I Charge Google Pixels in My Car?

There are a couple of ways that the Pixel 3 can be charged when you’re on the go. The traditional method is to simply plug it in using the USB-C port. The other way is by using the Pixel 3 wireless charging method. Whichever Pixel Google charger you ultimately decide on, you can expect faster charging for greater convenience.


1. No products found. – Best Overall Option

Let’s be honest. You want a car charger that is capable of charging your device quickly and efficiently. With Aukey’s 36W Fast Car Charger, you get exactly that.

This affordable little charger is built well and delivers fast charging when you need it. This is quite possibly the best car charger for Google Pixel devices. We love the quick charge feature of the new Power Delivery system, and Aukey’s car charger takes full advantage of it.


  • Quick Charge 3.0 – This handy feature ensures that your Pixel charges quickly. As one of the best car chargers on the market, you can look forward to 4x charging power.
  • AiPower – Thanks to this innovative adaptive charging system, you get cleaner charging across all of your USB-C devices.
  • Dual Charging – Charge two devices at once with Aukey’s dual-slot charging system. And thanks to its 36-watt performance, you can even charge a laptop.


  • Finicky Quick Charge – There are occasions where you may need to unplug and plug back in to initiate the quick charge feature. Only a minor caveat, sure, but it can still be annoying.

2. Kenu Airframe – Upgrade Option

For the ultimate in charging convenience, Kenu delivers an excellent wireless car charger in the Airframe. This innovative piece of technology features Qi Fast-Charging to deliver cord-free charging power. Granted, your Pixel has to be cradled into the charging pad, but it’s true wireless charging nonetheless.

The price is considerably higher than the other entries we reviewed, but it’s still reasonable when you consider the convenience you’re getting. If you’re ready to break free from those pesky cords, this is the perfect wireless charging solution for your money.


  • Qi Fast-Charging – One of the greatest things about this car charger is of course its wireless charging feature. But with Qi Fast-Charging on deck, you can enjoy fast wireless charging!
  • Vent Clip – The wireless cradle/pad sports a vent clip that keeps it out of way, and yet handily within reach. The clip feels solid and sturdy and does a fine job of keeping your phone in place.
  • Less Wires – With less wires to deal with, you can enjoy safer driving conditions. If you have to use your phone for any reason (a big no-no in most states), you don’t have to mess with unplugging it first.


  • 10-Watt – The biggest drawback here is that it is woefully under-powered when compared to the other entries we reviewed. Still, as wireless Type-C car chargers go, this one performs well and provides enough power to keep you juiced up.

3. No products found. – Value Option

If you’re on a tight budget and in need of a quality car charger, Cluvox has you covered. This affordable model makes it easy to charge your Pixel in your car, and you’ll still have money left over for lunch. Even better, the build-quality is surprisingly solid for a budget-friendly car charger.


  • LED Lighting – We appreciate seeing blue LED lighting on this car charger. This handy feature makes finding the charging slots a breeze when you’re trucking along at night.
  • Rapid Charging – This feature allows you to charge up your Pixel quickly and efficiently. With QC 3.0, you can look forward to charging up 4 times faster than a traditional car charger.
  • Blue color – The blue color helps to balance out the thin material. Although heat isn’t retained quite as long, it does block harmful UV rays from degrading your chemicals.


  • Spotty Rapid Charge – Some devices simply won’t detect rapid charging, and therefore only charge up at regular speed. Fortunately, our Pixel charged up just fine this way.


So, who reigned supreme among our Pixel 3 car chargers? In the end, we gave the nod to No products found.. It’s reasonably priced and powerful enough to charge a handful of devices, laptops included. But don’t let that deter you from giving the other entries a look. Both were highly-capable products that surpassed our expectations.