Blackweb Portable Charger Review

Are you considering purchasing a Blackweb portable charger? Then you need to read our reviews first. We take a close look at their top-performers to help you determine which one is right for you. Find out if they are worthy of your attention, or if you’re better off investing in a different brand.



Product Name


Best Overall Option

Blackweb BWC18WI101

Upgrade Option

Blackweb BWA18WI049

Value Option

Blackweb BWA19WI102

Is Blackweb a Good Portable Charger?

Blackweb is a Wal-Mart-branded line of electronics that focuses on popular gadgets like keyboards, mice, and portable battery chargers. There are pros and cons to investing in a Blackweb device. By and large, their chargers are quite good. However, support is somewhat limited.

All Blackweb products are either sold directly in Wal-Mart’s brick-and-mortar and online stores, or Amazon. If you have an issue with the device you purchased, you’ll have to go through Wal-Mart for support of any kind.

If this isn’t an issue for you, Blackweb’s portable chargers are quite solid. They are nicely made and performed really well in all of our testing. If there were more support for these devices, Blackweb would be even better.

How Long Does a Blackweb Portable Charger Last?

This largely depends on the model you buy. The higher the mAh rating, the longer it’s going to last throughout the day. We were able to get plenty of juice over the course of a couple days with the 20100mAh power bank chargers. Portable 10000mAh chargers, on the other hand, usually need to be recharged at the end of the day.

Bear in mind that we were charging consistently throughout the day, so your mileage may vary based on your use of the power bank device. You can expect your Blackweb portable charger to last less time based on the amount of charges used each day.

How Do You Know When a Blackweb Portable Charger Is Fully Charged?

Different power bank models vary in communicating this. Some are equipped with LED lights that increase in number as the power bank charges. One charger we reviewed comes with an LED indicator that displays the percentage of the battery charging, as well as a single charging light.

How Long Does It Take to Charge Blackweb?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this. Some models give you faster charges compared to others based on their battery capacity. On average, though, you should expect between 5 and 10 hours for your Blackweb portable charger to fully top off its internal battery.

Additionally, if you’re using a standard USB cable to charge your portable charger, you can expect to wait much longer. Using a USB-C charging cable always charges your battery much faster.


1. Blackweb BWC18WI101 – Best Overall Option

For our first battery charger, we’re taking a look at the BWC18WI101. This is a really nice power bank charger that will serve you well in your portable charging needs. We tested several smartphones and tablets, and even a Nintendo Switch. The 101 performed admirably, giving us excellent charges when we needed it.

We like that the 101 lets you charge two devices at the same time, reducing fights over the power bank when siblings need to charge up their gadgets and gizmos.

You get access to two USB-A ports, as well as a micro-USB. There’s also a handy USB-C adapter included with the 101 that opens up even more charging possibilities. You’ll find that USB-C will charge your battery up much faster.

At 20100mAh, we found this device to provide plenty of battery power to popular, everyday electronics. You certainly won’t want to use this for charging laptops. But then again, the 101 is not really rated for such use. As long as you understand the limitations of the device, you should be quite pleased with this Blackweb portable charger.

As a nice bonus, Blackweb includes a USB-C to USB-C cord, as well as a USB-C to USB-A cord. The only drawback to these is that they are really short, measuring in at 1 foot each. Still, they’re nice additions that come in handy for charging a litany of devices.


  • 20100mAh – The battery capacity of this charger is really good, providing you with plenty of juice for all kinds of electronic devices.
  • Included Adapters – Thanks to the inclusion of 2 USB adapters, you’ll have no trouble charging up all of your everyday electronic devices. Whereas many power bank brands leave it up to you to provide your own cables, Blackweb gets a big thumbs up from us for throwing these in.
  • Simultaneous Charging – This is especially useful for families with kids. Being able to charge two devices at the same time reduces fighting and comes in handy during long car rides.


  • Short Cords – While it’s nice to see the addition of USB adapters, they are, in fact, quite short. If you’re already using a short charger cable as it is, this can make it difficult to charge up your devices while you’re in a vehicle.

2. Blackweb BWA18WI049 – Upgrade Option

Are you looking for more versatility in your charger? Portable power banks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with this device being one of the larger ones. This is because it comes equipped with Quick Charge capabilities, allowing you to get more use out of your electronic devices.

There’s definitely a lot less waiting when charging a battery with the 049. This hefty power bank device comes with two USB charging ports, as well as a USB-C port. You will need a special adapter if you want to charge devices that use the now antiquated micro-USB. Fortunately, Blackweb includes a handy adapter for this very purpose.

We like that the 049 comes with an LED charging indicator. This displays the percentage of charges remaining, making it easy to tell how much longer you have to wait.

The 049 lets you power more than one device at the same time, just like its 101 sibling. While this model isn’t quite as portable as the latter, it’s still compact enough to pack around with you. It fits easily into a purse or backpack. We like keeping it in the center console of our car for quick access during travel.

If you want a thick, durable, and rugged portable charger, you should be happy investing in the 049. It’s especially useful to users who own devices that are USB-C-friendly. You’ll likely only ever need to use the micro-USB adapter to charge up friends’ devices.


  • USB/USB-C- We like that there are plenty of ports on the 049. This makes it easy to charge up more than one device at a time. Anyone with kids knows how handy this feature is when you’re stuck in the car for hours at a time.
  • 20100mAh – For all of your everyday electronic items, this battery capacity is more than enough to provide the power you need throughout the day. While you can’t charge laptops with the 049, it’s perfect for cell phones and tablets.
  • Quick Charge- This is a handy addition that lets you power up your favorite devices with much less wait-time. We found it to work on some electronic devices, but not all.


  • Pricey – You’re going to pay a bit more for the updated USB-C charging port and LED feature. But when it comes to convenience, can you really put a price on it?

3. Blackweb BWA19WI102 – Value Option

If you’re looking to save as much as you can, Blackweb has a nice 10000mAh portable charger that’s considerably lower in price. Sure, it’s a bit under-powered compared to the previous two entries. But if you’re only charging your battery periodically throughout the day, this should serve you well.

Thanks to USB-C and Lightning connectivity, you can charge the latest devices. Bear in mind that doing this requires the use of a special adapter. But thankfully, it is included with the 102. It’s pretty short, so make sure your charging cable is long enough to provide for your needs.

We were able to effortlessly charge up cell phones, just remember that you’re dealing with a lot less capacity. You get the ever-handy Power Delivery mode that lets you charge up certain devices a lot faster. Even better, the price is considerably lower than the previous entries.


  • Slim – Measuring in at about the same size as your typical smartphone, the 102 is perfect for travel. It doesn’t take up much space and is easy to pack around with you wherever you go.
  • Included Adapters – This handy addition allows you to charge newer devices that make use of the USB-C. You still get access to micro-USB and USB-A, so you should have no trouble charging what you need, when you need to.
  • Affordable – We love the price of this compact power bank. The 102 might have a lower battery capacity, but the price more than makes up for it.


  • 10000mAh – Admittedly, you’re limiting yourself on your charging capabilities. But if you understand that this isn’t meant for heavy use, you should be pleased with the 102.


Blackweb's BWC18WI101 Power Bank

In the end, our top pick goes to the Blackweb BWC18WI101. We were able to easily charge several unique devices. From smartphones to a Nintendo Switch, the 101 handles charging like a champ. It never struggled to provide us with power when we needed it, and the battery lasted well over two days.

Sure, you have to use special adapters to make use of USB-C charging, but this is only a minor inconvenience. The size is nice and compact, and the price isn’t unreasonable. For the money, the 101 is a solid performer that should serve you well.

With that being said, if your devices are mostly USB-C, the 049 is a great buy, as well. You won’t have to mess with special adapter cables, and the LED indicator is a nice addition. The 049 provides plenty of power, although it is a bit bulkier in size.


Jackery Power Bar

If you’re looking for something that can charge all of your favorite devices – from smartphones to laptops – look no further than to Jackery’s PowerBar. We had the opportunity to spend some time with this beefy portable power supply. It’s certainly powerful, but is it worth the asking price?

The Jackery PowerBar– At 20800mAh, there’s isn’t much you can throw that the PowerBar that it can’t handle. Portable power supplies are everywhere these days. But few of them are as comprehensive and reliable as the Jackery PowerBar.

How Do You Charge a Jackery PowerBar?

The Jackery PowerBar comes equipped with a USB-C charging port. This is used to recharge the PowerBar when it runs low on power. You will need to use a Type-C USB to USB-A charging cable along with a wall charger.

If you want to take advantage of the PowerBar’s fast charging capabilities, use a Quick Charge adapter for the best results. This will cut your recharge times down by a significant amount of time, ensuring that the PowerBar is primed and ready for use.

How Long Does Jackery Last?

This depends on the devices you are charging throughout the day, as well as how often you’re charging them. With standard smartphones, you can look forward to a few day’s use out of the PowerBar.

High-end tablets can be recharged about three times before you’ll need to plug in the PowerBar. You should be able to recharge most laptops one or two times before the PowerBar runs out of juice.

This is pretty impressive for this kind of power supply. Portable power banks often barely provide 3/4 of a complete charge. So the PowerBar is certainly a convenient companion to have around.

Thanks to its 20800mAh capacity, you can charge up most iPhones and Androids anywhere from four to 10 times. If you’re using an entry-level smartphone, you may not need to recharge the PowerBar for several days. The higher-end your device is, the less time you’ll get out of the Jackery PowerBar.

How Do You Turn Off Jackery Portable Charger?

On one end of the PowerBar is a user-interface. It features the USB-A and USB-C charging ports, an LED indicator, and a power button. To turn off the Jackery PowerBar, simply press in this button for a few seconds.

PowerBar's User Interface

The same action is performed to turn on the power bank. On the opposite end of the PowerBar, you will find an indicator light. This lights up when the device is powered on. Conversely, it shuts off when you power down the PowerBar.

PowerBar's AC Power Outlet and Indicator Light

How Do I Charge My Laptop with a Power Bank?

The Jackery PowerBar comes equipped with a traditional power outlet on one end. To use this, simply press in the power button as detailed above to switch on the outlet. It is now ready to be used as a laptop charger. Portable power banks typically don’t come with a power outlet, so this is impressive, to say the least.

With convenience like this, you’ll have the ultimate portable charging device. The Jackery PowerBar is ideal for business trips or vacations. You can look forward to carrying a reliable, powerful, and highly-portable power bank with you wherever you go.


Jackery PowerBar

For such a robust and powerful portable charging unit, the Jackery PowerBar is incredibly compact. We love the convenience of having such a highly-functional device. It really is the perfect power bank, as it provides for so many needs.

If your work requires you to pack around a laptop all day, a device like the PowerBar is a must-have. This feature-rich unit delivers excellent charging capabilities across a litany of gadgets, making it perfect for all kinds of occasions.

As we mentioned above, it’s a handy companion for vacations, as it allows you to bring devices that you might normally keep at home. Need to power up an electric razor while you’re on the go? No problem there. If you have an electronic device that uses a power outlet, the Jackery PowerBar should be able to handle it (within reason, of course).

And then there’s the Quick Charge feature. This mighty unit makes short work of most recharge times thanks to this handy addition. With less waiting for your devices to top off, you can get back to staying in touch with family, friends, colleagues, or clients.

In today’s modern age, we rely on our devices more than ever. So it stands to reason that we would have a reliable backup to keep them juiced up and ready to go. And that’s what makes the PowerBar such a must-have for the modern individual.

Convenience abounds on this power bank. Not only can you charge up your devices much faster thanks to Quick Charge, but you can also recharge the PowerBar in record time. It comes equipped with the latest Type-C USB charging port.

Whereas micro-USB power banks can take 10 or more hours to recharge, the PowerBar does so in nearly half the time. Simply plug your USB-C charging cable into the Type-C port for faster, more efficient charging power.

Jackery PowerBars Charging Devices

If you rely heavily on your gadgets to get you through the day, this feature will prove to be a major blessing in your life. Less waiting means less downtime. And less downtime means staying in communication with the rest of the world when you need to the most.

You will also appreciate the addition of LED indicators. On the end with the built-in power outlet, a single LED tells you when the outlet is powered on or off.

On the other end, a full numerical LED indicator keeps you apprised of how much battery life the PowerBar has remaining. This is especially handy when you’re away from home or the office. Guesswork is effectively eliminated, as you always know exactly how much power you have left to keep your devices running.

The build quality of the PowerBar is equally impressive. This is one solid, well-made unit. It’s very tough, ensuring that you’ll get plenty of use out of it. As a result, it’s quite durable. Admittedly, we dropped our PowerBar a couple of times throughout our time testing it.

Nothing felt loose, and nothing was damaged. Its ruggedness makes it great for camping, hiking, and just about any other outdoorsy activity you can think of. With that being said, it’s important to note that the PowerBar isn’t waterproof, nor is it water-resistant.

So don’t take it skiing or white water rafting. With the proper care and precautions, however, we could see the PowerBar making an excellent fishing companion. It’s certainly powerful enough to ensure that your depth-finder stays charged up while you’re out on the water.

With so many potential uses, the PowerBar is a clear winner. Sure, it’s a bit pricey when compared to traditional power banks. But considering the convenience and practicality of it, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.


  • 20800mAh Capacity – The Jackery PowerBar is one powerful unit. Its ability to keep a long line of electronic devices charged up and ready to go make it a must-have for any modern consumer. From smartphones to laptops to everyday gadgets and gizmos, this power bank is sure to provide for your needs.
  • AC Power Outlet – How often do you get to take a portable power outlet with you? The possibilities for its use are nearly endless. Being able to keep your important devices and appliances juiced up and functional makes this a power bank you don’t want to be without.
  • Quick Charge – Being able to charge up both your devices and the power bank further adds to the PowerBar’s convenience. By making use of Type-C USB, you can look forward to less waiting around while your power bank finishes recharging. And your devices will charge up in a fraction of the time that it takes traditional portable chargers.


  • It’s Pricey – Be prepared to shell out more for the PowerBar. It costs two to three times more than that of standard power banks. But when you consider all that you’re getting, the price is more than worth it. You’re investing in a solid, reliable unit that provides more convenience than ever.


The Jackery PowerBar

There’s a lot to like about this power bank, and we sure enjoyed trying it out. The Jackery PowerBar is a handy little unit that yields major benefits. Thanks to loads of great features, like Quick Charge and USB-C, you’re getting a convenient device that is sure to serve you well.


Aukey vs Anker

Aukey vs Anker. Both of these brands deliver some truly exceptional portable chargers. In this guide, we will help you decide which one is better suited to your needs. After you have read through our reviews, be sure to stick around to see who wins between Aukey vs Anker.



Product Name


Best Overall Option

Anker PowerCore 13000

Upgrade Option

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000

Value Option

Aukey 10000Ah Portable Charger

Alternative Option

Aukey Omnia

Is Aukey the Same as Anker?

Aukey vs Anker. While the two sound similar, they are in fact quite different. With that being said, you can look forward to getting similar quality and performance our of both brands.

As you will soon discover, consumers trust both Aukey and Anker to provide for their needs. When it comes to Anker vs Aukey, you can expect to get quality electronics that are built to last. Let’s explore some more to see which one is right for your needs.

In the end, we will declare the winner of the two to see who came out on top between Anker and Aukey. You might be surprised at the outcome.

Is Aukey a Chinese Company?

Aukey is actually a German company that relocated to China. Founded in 2005, Aukey relocated in order to expand their business. This was a necessary move, as they had to grow to keep up with the demand from consumers.

This move has proved successful, as Aukey is now one of the leading portable charger manufacturers in the world. They consistently deliver top-rated power banks that perform well and are affordable to consumers.

Is Anker a Chinese Company?

Yes, Anker is a Chinese company located in Shenzhen, China. Founded in 2011, Aukey clearly has the experience in the Aukey vs Anker battle. This hasn’t affected Anker, however. Like their competition, Anker continually pumps out high-quality products.

Their power banks are often praised online for their construction and performance. Our hope is that this guide will help you determine which brand is right for you.

Is Anker a Good Company?

Anker is no stranger to success. They consistently rate high among consumers with their large variety of high quality products. Amazon alone is home to thousands of 4 and 5 star reviews.

It doesn’t take much research to see that they are able to continually deliver quality portable chargers at reasonable prices. Anker also never stops innovating. Their power banks continue to keep up with new technology, ensuring consumers that they are investing in cutting edge products.

Whether you need a portable charger for your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can count on Anker to provide you with high quality electronics.

We have compared Anker vs RAVPower in the past. Both performed admirably, so we figured we’d look at Anker vs Aukey today to see who reigns supreme.

We had a lot of fun testing out these power banks. They all performed well and impressed us with their features and user-friendliness. Power banks are becoming a necessary part of our everyday lives. If you haven’t yet decided who is better between Anker vs RAVPower, we hope this Aukey vs Anker review will help you choose the best power banks for your needs.


1. Anker PowerCore 13000 – Best Overall Option

The Anker PowerCore 13000 portable charger is a compact power bank that is ideal for travel. Its small size makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. We love how convenient it is to throw this power bank in your backpack or purse.

The Anker PowerCore 13000 power bank charges up your favorite gadgets and gizmos quickly and efficiently. Thanks to VoltageBoost fast charging, you can look forward to less wait time and more use. And with PowerIQ on board, you never have to worry about your electronics getting fried.

This handy tech makes sure that your device gets only the power it needs as it recharges. This way there’s no concern for overcharging. This is a big plus that is necessary when charging our electronic devices.

If your smartphone or tablet still uses micro USB, this is the portable charger for you. The Anker PowerCore 13000 comes equipped with a micro USB charging port, as well as two traditional USB ports. You should have no trouble charging up your devices.

As a nice bonus, you can even charge up 2 devices at the same time. If you have a family, this feature is ideal for long trips in the car. There shouldn’t be any fighting over who uses the power bank.

If you need to charge up a device that uses USB-C, you’ll need to invest in a special adapter. Thankfully, these are pretty cheap and shouldn’t set you back very much.

While VoltageBoost does deliver fast charging, it’s important to note that Quick Charge isn’t supported. If your device has that technology, this power bank will only charge using VoltageBoost.


  • PowerIQ – This feature ensures that your devices get the proper amount of charging power without fear of overcharging or overheating them. This is a necessity in providing your smartphones and tablets with the power they need for safe charging.
  • VoltageBoost – With this feature, you can look forward to fast charging times across your favorite gadgets. This is a must-have for those who rely on their smartphone or tablet throughout the day for work.
  • Micro USB Cable – Anker includes a micro-USB cable with the PowerCore 13000. Where many power bank brands omit a charging cable, Anker gives it to you with this portable charger.


  • No USB-C Port – You won’t find the newer USB-C available on the Anker PowerCore 13000. If you want to charge your USB-C devices, you’ll need to invest in a special adapter.

2. Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 – Upgrade Option

The Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 power bank is a heavy duty portable charger. This powerful unit is capable of providing you with battery life quickly and efficiently. You get access to both a USB-A port, as well as a USB-C port. This allows you to keep your latest hardware powered up while you’re on the go.

Where this Anker power bank really shines is in its ability to charge up your devices faster than standard battery charger. How is this possible? Anker uses technology called Power Delivery. This handy feature ensures that you don’t have to wait around as long for your devices to power up.

We like that Anker includes a USB-C charging cable with this fast charging portable charger. Not only that, but you also get a handy Anker wall charger block. This innovative 1-inch wall charger gives you lightning fast charging times on your power bank.

You can look forward to the Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 power bank recharging in as little as 7 hours. If you travel often and rely on your devices for work or personal use, the Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 power bank is right up your alley. It has the necessary power you need for a reliable portable power charger.

While the Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 power bank isn’t quite powerful enough to charge up a laptop, you can easily and quickly charge up all of your family’s smartphones and tablets. During our tests, we were blown away by how fast this powerful unit worked.

You can charge up both micro USB devices, as well as USB-C. As you can see so far in the battle of Anker vs Aukey, Anker has some tough competition to beat. This power bank is well made and reliable. You want a power bank that you can trust while you’re away from the house, and Anker gives you just that.

The Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 power bank consistently performed well and didn’t disappoint in its power delivery. We appreciate that you can charge micro USB using an adapter if need be, as many people still use micro USB in their daily devices.


  • Power Delivery – This power bank technology gives you fast charging capabilities on most of your smartphones and tablets. There are, however, some devices that aren’t compatible with this power bank feature.
  • USB-C to USB-C – Thanks to this handy cable, you get everything you need to start charging up your newer USB-C devices. Whereas many portable power bank chargers don’t include this cable, Anker throws it in with the PowerCore Essential 20000.
  • 18-Month Warranty – Many portable power banks come with a 12-month warranty. But the Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 power bank comes with an impressive 18 months.


  • A Bit Pricey – You’re going to pay a bit more for the PowerCore Essential 20000 power bank. But you’re also getting a lot, too. This includes Anker’s PowerPort III Nano One wall charger block. This little wall charger is impressive for its compact but powerful size.

We’ve looked at Anker vs RAVPower in the past. Now it’s time to compare Anker vs Aukey. Let’s see how Aukey fares when pitted against Anker.

3. Aukey 10000mAh Portable Charger – Value Option

If you’re on a budget, there’s no need to spend a fortune for portable power banks. Sure, this Aukey portable charger is tiny. But it has enough power to keep your devices juiced up and running.

Plus, that’s what makes this Aukey entry so highly sought after. Its compact size makes it a breeze to carry around with you. It’s ideal for hiking, walking, running, or biking. While it’s true that this Aukey power bank is a bit under-powered, it is designed for single day use.

You wouldn’t want to rely on this little Aukey to provide power to your whole family, for instance. We would recommend a beefier power bank for something like that. Instead, this Aukey portable charger is better suited for trips away from the house for a day, or while you’re at work.

It can’t charge up a laptop, but smartphones and tablets are no big deal. It should be noted that most high-end tablets can only recharge to around 75% before needing to recharge the portable charger.

So while it is somewhat limited in its use, to those who understand its limitations, you will be plenty pleased with its performance. And for as affordable as this portable charger is, it is built really well. It’s a solid little unit that will serve you well with the proper care.

Perhaps most impressive of all is the fact that you get USB-A, micro USB, and USB-C ports at the ready. You should never be without a way to charge up while you’re away from the house.

Just slip this portable charger into your bag or back pocket and you’ll be all set. It’s about the same size as a small smartphone, so it doesn’t take up much real estate at all.

When you consider its incredible price, everyone should keep this portable charger in their glove box or center console for emergencies.

We like that Aukey still provides the somewhat outdated micro USB for older devices. Micro USB is still widely used among consumers, so this addition is important. Micro USB will likely be around for a few more years until it’s completely upgraded to USB-C.


  • Plenty of Ports – Aukey provides you with USB-A, USB-C, and micro USB ports. This power bank ensures that you have the ports you need to charge up a variety of electronic devices. Where many devices are upgrading from micro USB to USB-C, Aukey ensures that you have them both.
  • 10000mAh – This capacity ensures that you can easily charge up all of your favorite everyday devices, like smartphones and tablets. You need a power bank that can provide you with enough power to get you through the day, and this power bank does just that.
  • LED Indicator – This feature readily displays the remaining battery life left on the portable power bank. This is handy for when you’re traveling so you always know how much power you’re carrying.


  • Limited Charging – This Aukey portable charger can charge most smartphones a couple of times on a single charge. However, there are some tablets that can only charge to about 75% on a single charge.

4. Aukey Omnia – Alternative Option

When comparing Aukey vs Anker, it’s important to consider all of your options. Aukey power bank models are everywhere you look, but this entry is somewhat in a league of its own. Think of it as a portable wall charger block. This wall charger is unique in that it has both USB-A and USB-C ports.

Simply plug in the wall charger along with a charging cable to directly charge up your devices. The wall charger also holds its own charge. This allows the wall charger to be packed around with you or portable power on the go.

As we looked into Aukey vs Anker, it became clear that this wall charger from Aukey was quite possibly the best bargain among our reviews. While it isn’t a true portable charger due to its wall charger feature, it’s pretty close. You can still charge up micro USB devices using the USB-A port.

And newer USB-C devices are no sweat either thanks to the USB-C port. You’re getting the best of both worlds here. In Aukey vs any other brand, Aukey definitely gets the nod here for innovation and convenience.

Aukey power banks are notable for their fast charging feature, and this power bank wall charger is no different. You can look forward to fast charging your devices, allowing you to enjoy your favorite devices without all the wait time. Fast charging is also ideal for long car rides and heavy use.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a true power bank. Aukey decided to deliver an alternative option in this power bank wall charger. The end result is a handy and convenient entry that will serve you well in your everyday use. Aukey blew us away with the Omnia.

It has the power you need to power up most of your electronic devices. You can use either micro USB or USB-C for greater versatility.


  • GaNFast – Thanks to the use of gallium nitride, you can look forward to faster charging across your electronic devices. What is even more incredible is that Aukey was able to provide this kind of charging power in a device no bigger than that of a typical charging block.
  • Dynamic Detect – This amazing technology outputs the USB-C port to 65 watts. Furthermore, you can use both the USB-C and USB-A at 45 watts whenever they are used at the same time.
  • Safe – Aukey includes protective safeguards that prevent the charger from overheating, short circuiting, or overcharging. Power banks need this feature to ensure safe charging. Aukey made sure that you can trust their power banks to give you reliable charging that won’t zap your devices.


  • Requires Quality Cord – You’ll need to provide your own cable as one is not included. Not only that, the cord needs to be high-quality. Not just any will do, specifically thin, cheap charging cables.

Which Power Bank Is the Best?

So, who gets the win between Aukey vs Anker? We loved testing both brands out. Anker always delivers fine power banks. Anker is one of those brands that has positioned themselves as a top seller, and for good reason. And yet Aukey also makes some truly fine power banks.

We appreciate that Aukey makes a great alternative power bank option for consumers. But in the end, only one can stand tall between Aukey vs Anker. We believe that Anker power banks are the most reliable. They consistently deliver excellent performance among their power banks.

The Anker PowerCore 13000 impressed us the most with its performance and price. Anker just makes too many top-rated power banks for consumers. You can always trust their power banks to deliver the goods in charging your devices.

What power bank did you like the most? Did you prefer Anker over Aukey, or Aukey over Anker?


Anker vs Jackery

Jackery vs Anker. Two of the best portable power bank brands on the market. These devices are hot commodities for all of our gadgets and gizmos. But which one is right for you and your needs? Join us as we take a closer look at each brand’s leading battery chargers.



Product Name


Best Overall Option

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000

Upgrade Option

Blackweb BWA18WI049

Value Option

Jackery Bolt 6000

Alternative Option

Jackery Portable Travel Charger Bar

Power Bank: Which Is Best?

In an age where electronic devices are a major part of our lives, the need for portable power is at an all-time high. Depending on the type of device you’re using, like a laptop for example, you may require a power bank that is capable of providing a lot more juice.

As we explore Jackery vs Anker, we’re going to be looking at their best power banks. This will help you determine which one is best suited for your needs. By having portable charging capabilities, all you need to do is make sure that you have your charger. The portable power banks take care of the rest.

How to Charge a Portable Charger

Portable chargers are just like any other electronic device with a battery. As such, they too need to be charged up from time to time. You are essentially carrying an extra battery around with you wherever you go. This allows you to top off your device when it begins to run low.

On average, portable charger banks take between 5 and 10 hours to fully recharge. While they take a lot longer than most smartphones, you are getting a good deal of portable power to have by your side while you’re on the go. This is handy to have when you’re somewhere without readily available power receptacles.

Which Power Banks Are the Best?

Throughout our research, it’s clear that Anker and Jackery both deliver some mighty fine power banks. But as to which specific one is the best? That largely depends on your needs. If you just need to charge up your cell phone, Jackery and Anker offer several excellent portable chargers that should serve you well.

If you’re wanting to invest in a power bank that can charge a laptop, you’ll need to look at something like the Anker PowerCore+. This powerful portable charger can charge up a laptop at full speed, giving you plenty of juice while you’re on the go.

Anker: How to Charge

The Anker PowerCore+ power bank recharges surprisingly fast for such a powerful portable charger. In as few as 3 and a half hours, the Anker PowerCore+ can be ready to charge up your cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Once you get it charged, simply use your devices’ USB charging cable by plugging it into the Anker PowerCore+ USB port.

With both USB and USB-C available, you can easily charge up a wide variety of electronic devices. The same goes for their smaller power bank, the PowerCore 10000. Although this portable charger takes a bit longer to recharge, it is incredibly compact, and it’s ideal for smartphones or tablets.

The Anker PowerCore 10000 power bank operates very much like the Anker PowerCore+ power bank, just on a much smaller scale. You have both a USB and a USB-C charging port at your disposal. This allows you to recharge devices with smaller power management capabilities.

To charge a device that uses the older micro USB cable, simply plug the micro USB cable into the available USB port. Think of the Anker PowerCore like you would a charging block that comes with most cell phones and tablets. Instead of plugging your device into the wall, you’re going to be plugging it into the portable charger via the micro USB cable.


1. Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 – Best Overall Option

The Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 power bank is a compact portable charger that is a handy companion to have with you. Its small size makes it ideal for tossing in your backpack or purse. Or, just keep it in your center console while you travel. You get both a single USB and USB-C port for charging your smaller devices.

The Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 is designed to quickly and efficiently recharge your smartphone or tablet. It’s about the same size as a typical smartphone, and about as slim, as well. This makes it a breeze to pack around with you wherever you go.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet that still uses micro USB, you’re in luck. The Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 easily accepts smaller devices that require a USB port. And if you’re using a newer device that makes use of USB-C, simple plug your device’s USB-C cable into the provided charging port.

To recharge the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 power bank, you may use either standard USB or USB-C. If using USB, you’ll need to give it around 10 hours to fully recharge. But if you use USB-C, the Anker PowerCore 10000 will be ready to go in as few as 4 hours.

The standard USB port supports Quick Charge devices, giving you power quickly when you need it. Being Quick Charge-ready means you won’t have to wait long to juice up your devices. This is handy for those who are on the go a lot and rely on their smartphone for work.


  • Trickle Charging – This handy mode ensures that your devices don’t overcharge. This is a big plus for smaller devices, like cell phones. Power is distributed on a smaller scale, giving you just the right amount without fear of damaging your devices.
  • USB/USB-C– Thanks to having both ports available, you can charge up a wide variety of electronic devices. Older devices primarily make use of traditional USB, while newer, updated devices use USB-C. Having this kind of versatility is ideal, as not all newer devices use USB-C.
  • Protection – Anker’s MultiProtect feature ensures that your devices are protected from power surges, short circuits, and the like. You never have to worry about your electronic devices getting zapped thanks to this preventative function.


  • No Charging Cords – The Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 doesn’t come with any charging cables, so you will either have to use your own, or buy some separately. Admittedly, this isn’t really a big deal. Most of us have plenty of charging cords laying around that we have accumulated over the years. If not, these cables are pretty cheap.

2. Anker PowerCore+ – Upgrade Option

Looking for more power? Then the Anker PowerCore+ power bank is right up your alley. This mighty power bank is even capable of replacing laptop chargers. Portable chargers like this can juice up a slew of electronic devices, from smartphones to the latest laptops.

It comes ready with fast charging capabilities so you can quickly and efficiently charge up your favorite electronics. It’s powerful enough to keep your smartphones juiced up for days. Even USB-C-friendly laptops from Apple and Dell get well over a day’s worth of power thanks to the Anker PowerCore+.

This is one of the heavier-duty power banks on the market. The Anker PowerCore+ works exceptionally well at keeping power-hungry devices running smoothly. And thanks to MultiProtect, you never have to worry about your expensive laptop getting fried.

The Anker PowerCore+ power bank comes equipped with advanced trickle charge technology to ensure that your electronic devices don’t overcharge. This is especially important on smaller devices, like cell phones and tablets. Power is quickly and evenly distributed in a way that never supplies too much to your battery capacity.

As powerful as laptop power banks are, this model is incredibly compact. We love how easy it is to pack away when traveling. You can easily toss it in your suitcase or backpack without taking up much room.

The price of the Anker PowerCore+ is a bit more expensive when compared to other power banks we reviewed, but you’re also getting a ton of power.

If you travel often for work, you know how important it is to have power at the ready whenever you need it. Which begs the question: can you really put a price on that kind of convenience?


  • USB/USB-C – Anker gives you access to 2 USB ports, and 1 USB-C port. This kind of versatility allows you to easily recharge your devices with ease. Using a device with standard USB? No problem! Anker has you covered. And for newer devices, USB-C is available for easy charging.
  • 26800mAh – With capacity like this, you can charge up a device like the iPhone X up to 6 times on a single charge. Having this kind of power ensures that you don’t have to worry about recharging the Anker PowerCore+ every night (unless you’re charging your laptop throughout the day).
  • 45-Watt – With big charging power like this, you can recharge your phone and laptop without breaking a sweat. Power banks with this kind of wattage are ideal for newer, USB-C laptops. If you need a serious battery pack, the Anker PowerCore+ is the one you want.


  • Pricey – Yes, the Anker PowerCore+ is expensive for a power bank. But you have to consider the convenience you’re getting. This is a heavy-duty battery pack that works remarkably well and recharges quickly. That in itself is worth the price of admission.

Now that we’ve explored Anker in our Jackery vs Anker guide, it’s time to give Jackery a look. How do they compare to Anker’s high-quality power banks? Do Jackery power banks perform just as well? Only one way to find out…

3. Jackery Portable Travel Charger Bar – Value Option

If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t need to spend a lot to get a quality power bank. The Jackery Charger Bar is one of more compact power banks available from Jackery. This handy little guy is the perfect travel companion, as it comes equipped with a built-in flashlight.

You’ve likely seen portable power banks like this one before. But when you compare Jackery’s power banks vs the competition, we’re pleased to say that Jackery comes out on top as the better portable unit. The Charger Bar is incredibly well-made, with high durability and solid construction.

Power banks like the Charger Bar provide you with plenty of battery power to get you through the day. It is capable of recharging your devices faster than standard charging cables thanks to its 6000mAh capacity.

We really like how compact the Jackery Charger Bar is when carrying it around. You can easily fit it in your pocket, making it ideal for walks or runs. If you are on the move a lot, there’s no need to invest in huge power banks. The Charger Bar is just the right size for travel.


  • Compact – With such a compact body, the Charger Bar is ideal for those on the go. Keep it in your pocket or backpack while you jog. Or throw it in your purse for easy access when your device needs juice.
  • 6000mAh – This kind of battery capacity ensures quick charging that lasts. You’ll have no trouble getting your devices powered up quickly with the Jackery Charger Bar.
  • Affordable – You simply can’t beat the price that Jackery offers the Charger Bar for. It’s very well-priced, allowing those on a tight budget to enjoy the advantages of portable power banks.


  • Flashlight Button – We love having a handy flashlight, but the button leaves a lot to be desired. It’s really easy to turn on accidentally. This can be a bit of a battery drain on your Charger Bar, so be sure to keep an eye on the flashlight.

4. Jackery Bolt 6000 – Alternative Option

Jackery power banks like the Jackery Bolt 6000 are ideal for those who need versatility. This affordable little unit comes equipped with both Apple’s Lightning charger and a standard micro USB charger.

This ensures that a large majority of smartphone owners will be able to benefit from the Jackery Bolt 6000. This power bank supports Quick Charge, so you can look forward to getting juiced up in no time flat. Power banks like this are ideal for travel, as they have charging cables already built in.

We love how compact the Jackery Bolt 6000. Jackery makes it easy to get instant battery power while you’re on go, or at home. Simply use the provided charging cables and plug your smartphone or tablet right into the device. It’s quick, easy, and highly efficient.

The Jackery Bolt 6000 allows you to charge 2 devices at the same time. This is a huge plus for couples or families that carry both Apple and Android devices. Now there’s no need to fight over your power banks!

We also appreciate the durable build-quality of the Jackery Bolt 6000. Jackery is known for making well-made power banks, and the Jackery Bolt 6000 is no different. When it comes to Jackery vs Anker, Jackery holds its own thanks to excellent craftsmanship and high-quality performance.


  • 6000mAh – The Jackery Bolt 6000 comes with enough battery capacity to ensure that your devices charge up quickly. Apple iPhone users can look forward to charging up their smartphones in as few as 1 to 2 hours, depending on the model they are using.
  • Built-in Cables – This is a welcome addition, as most power banks don’t come with cables. The Jackery Bolt 6000 gives you the option to choose between either Apple’s Lightning cable or traditional micro USB. With convenience like this, you’ll be able to supply power to friends and colleagues.
  • Fast Charging – We love how quickly the Jackery Bolt 6000 charges up smartphones and tablets. This means less waiting and more use. If you’re on the go a lot, power banks like this one are must-have. Those vacationing will appreciate the built-in convenience.


  • Short Cords – As nice as it is to have built-in charging cables with the Jackery Bolt 6000, they are awfully short. This can be a hassle when you’re driving and you need to check your phone. They are only a few inches long, so make sure you pull over if you need your phone for any reason.

Which Power Bank Is the Best?

Anker's PowerCore Slim 10000

In the battle of Jackery vs Anker, who came out on top? While we love each product that we reviewed, we feel that the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000is the best bang for your buck. It’s such a well-rounded power bank, with its incredible charging power and stellar price.

Anyone who regularly travels and needs portable power can’t go wrong with the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000. If, however, you are an avid laptop user, the PowerCore+ is better suited to your needs.

We can’t discount the offerings from Jackery, either. Both of their entries surpassed our expectations, both in performance and affordability. If you run or ride a bike often, Jackery’s smaller power banks should serve you well.


Best Car Charger for Pixel 3

Are you looking for the best charging option for your Pixel 3 while you’re on the go? Don’t waste your time scouring the internet, because we have compiled the very best car chargers for your shopping convenience. These are the top buys, providing high quality and fast charging without breaking the bank.



Product Name


Best Overall Option

Aukey 36W Fast Car Charger

Upgrade Option

Kenu Airframe

Value Option

Cluvox Rapid Type C

The Best Car Charger for Your Pixel 3

As you have likely already discovered, there are countless car chargers available for your Pixel. How are you supposed to know which ones are worthy of your time and money? That’s where we come in. We have tested various models and narrowed down the three top buys.

What Kind of Charger Does a Google Pixel 3 Use?

As a newer mobile device, Google’s Pixel 3 makes use of USB-C. As the latest in charging types, you can enjoy car chargers that work faster to top off your battery. And as you will soon learn, the much-loved Quick Charge feature has now been trumped by Google’s new charging system.

Does Pixel 3 Have Quick Charge?

Surprisingly, Quick Charge is now considered a bit antiquated by Pixel 3’s standards. Thanks to the new Power Delivery feature, you can enjoy fast charging. But you need to invest in the best car chargers if you want to benefit from this feature while you’re traveling.

That’s why we thoroughly researched each car charger. Google Pixel 3 owners will be happy to learn that our top picks perform well and are reasonably priced.

What Is the Best Charger to Buy?

By our estimation, Aukey and Kenu offer excellent quality and charging capabilities. You can look forward to excellent build-quality and performance. And if you’re buying a Google Pixel charger on a budget, Cluvox delivers an affordable option that gets the job done.

How Do I Charge Google Pixels in My Car?

There are a couple of ways that the Pixel 3 can be charged when you’re on the go. The traditional method is to simply plug it in using the USB-C port. The other way is by using the Pixel 3 wireless charging method. Whichever Pixel Google charger you ultimately decide on, you can expect faster charging for greater convenience.


1. Aukey 36W Fast Car Charger – Best Overall Option

Let’s be honest. You want a car charger that is capable of charging your device quickly and efficiently. With Aukey’s 36W Fast Car Charger, you get exactly that.

This affordable little charger is built well and delivers fast charging when you need it. This is quite possibly the best car charger for Google Pixel devices. We love the quick charge feature of the new Power Delivery system, and Aukey’s car charger takes full advantage of it.


  • Quick Charge 3.0 – This handy feature ensures that your Pixel charges quickly. As one of the best car chargers on the market, you can look forward to 4x charging power.
  • AiPower – Thanks to this innovative adaptive charging system, you get cleaner charging across all of your USB-C devices.
  • Dual Charging – Charge two devices at once with Aukey’s dual-slot charging system. And thanks to its 36-watt performance, you can even charge a laptop.


  • Finicky Quick Charge – There are occasions where you may need to unplug and plug back in to initiate the quick charge feature. Only a minor caveat, sure, but it can still be annoying.

2. Kenu Airframe – Upgrade Option

For the ultimate in charging convenience, Kenu delivers an excellent wireless car charger in the Airframe. This innovative piece of technology features Qi Fast-Charging to deliver cord-free charging power. Granted, your Pixel has to be cradled into the charging pad, but it’s true wireless charging nonetheless.

The price is considerably higher than the other entries we reviewed, but it’s still reasonable when you consider the convenience you’re getting. If you’re ready to break free from those pesky cords, this is the perfect wireless charging solution for your money.


  • Qi Fast-Charging – One of the greatest things about this car charger is of course its wireless charging feature. But with Qi Fast-Charging on deck, you can enjoy fast wireless charging!
  • Vent Clip – The wireless cradle/pad sports a vent clip that keeps it out of way, and yet handily within reach. The clip feels solid and sturdy and does a fine job of keeping your phone in place.
  • Less Wires – With less wires to deal with, you can enjoy safer driving conditions. If you have to use your phone for any reason (a big no-no in most states), you don’t have to mess with unplugging it first.


  • 10-Watt – The biggest drawback here is that it is woefully under-powered when compared to the other entries we reviewed. Still, as wireless Type-C car chargers go, this one performs well and provides enough power to keep you juiced up.

3. Cluvox Rapid Type C – Value Option

If you’re on a tight budget and in need of a quality car charger, Cluvox has you covered. This affordable model makes it easy to charge your Pixel in your car, and you’ll still have money left over for lunch. Even better, the build-quality is surprisingly solid for a budget-friendly car charger.


  • LED Lighting – We appreciate seeing blue LED lighting on this car charger. This handy feature makes finding the charging slots a breeze when you’re trucking along at night.
  • Rapid Charging – This feature allows you to charge up your Pixel quickly and efficiently. With QC 3.0, you can look forward to charging up 4 times faster than a traditional car charger.
  • Blue color – The blue color helps to balance out the thin material. Although heat isn’t retained quite as long, it does block harmful UV rays from degrading your chemicals.


  • Spotty Rapid Charge – Some devices simply won’t detect rapid charging, and therefore only charge up at regular speed. Fortunately, our Pixel charged up just fine this way.


So, who reigned supreme among our Pixel 3 car chargers? In the end, we gave the nod to Aukey’s 36W Fast Car Charger. It’s reasonably priced and powerful enough to charge a handful of devices, laptops included. But don’t let that deter you from giving the other entries a look. Both were highly-capable products that surpassed our expectations.


Anker PowerCore 13000 Review

Anker never ceases to deliver a solid, capable, and dependable power bank. The PowerCore 13000 portable charger is one their best yet; a fine charging companion for anyone who relies on their devices to get them through the day. Is this the right power bank for your needs? Read on to find out.

The Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger– This power bank comes ready to keep your smartphones and tablets charged up thanks to its 13000mAh battery capacity. It’s also quite speedy, too. So if you use your devices heavily throughout the day, the PowerCore13000 shouldn’t disappoint.

How Long Does It Take to Charge Anker PowerCore 13000?

When following the proper Anker charger instructions, the PowerCore 13000 takes around 10 hours to fully top off. If you use your device heavily throughout the day, we recommend charging the power bank overnight to avoid any downtime.

How Do I Charge My Anker PowerCore 13000?

This is done via a micro-USB charging cable, which is included with the power bank. You will have to provide your own wall charger, though.

What Is the Best Anker Power Bank?

The answer to this largely depends on your needs. It’s also important to factor in your budget. There are plenty of Anker power banks that provide sufficient charging power for your everyday devices (i.e., smartphones, tablets). And the PowerCore 13000 is certainly ideal for such use.

But if you want to charge a laptop, for example, you’ll need something a bit more powerful. The Anker PowerCore 26800 would likely be the better fit. It, too, is reasonably priced, putting it in the “best” category by a fair margin.

But if your job simply requires you to use your smartphone throughout the day, or you’re planning a trip that doesn’t include bringing along your laptop, the PowerCore 13000 should serve you nicely. Plus, you’ll save some money, too.

Are Anker Power Banks Allowed on Planes?

They sure are. In fact, Anker’s most powerful portable charger, the PowerCore+, packs the absolute limit you’re allowed to carry with you in a plane. So something like the PowerCore 13000 is more than safe for air travel.


Anker PowerCore 13000

The Anker PowerCore 13000 portable charger provides plenty of power for the daily use of your smartphones and tablets. This compact power bank is about the size of a standard bi- or tri-fold wallet. It’s smooth around the sides and edges, too. So it slides easily into your back pocket for unencumbered carrying.

With the PowerCore 13000, Anker was able to reduce the weight by as much as 30% when compared to similar power banks. This makes it ideal for taking with you on walks or runs. During our time with the Anker 13000 PowerCore, not once did it get in our way or feel uncomfortable.

Anker opted for a clean, sleek design on the PowerCore 13000. It’s easy to use because of it, with a simple layout and minimalistic construction.

On the face of the unit are four LEDs that notate the remaining battery life of the 13000. All four are lit up when you’re completely topped off. They gradually decrease as you use the power bank throughout the day. It’s simplistic, yet effective.

On the bottom of the device are three USB ports. One is a micro-USB that is reserved for charging the PowerCore 13000. The other two are USB-A ports. These are what you use to charge your gadgets and gizmos. And yes, you can use both USB-A ports at the same time.

This feature alone makes this power bank a great companion for trips in the car with your family. You won’t have to worry about siblings fighting over who gets to charge their device first.

Charging is fast and efficient on the PowerCore 13000. Most iPhones and comparable smartphones that are completely drained will charge to 50% in 30 minutes to an hour. Lesser devices obviously charge faster, while higher-end models take a bit longer.

Still, the wait time is minimal, allowing you to get more use out of your favorite devices. Furthermore, thanks to Anker’s PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies, iPhones in particular recharge twice as fast as if you were using Apple’s branded charger.

This is the kind of reliability you need when you have to have your smart devices charged up at all times throughout the day. Many people need their electronic devices for work and can’t risk going a minute without an open line of communication.

Maybe you need to stay in touch with your clients or your company. Having a dependable power bank is an absolute must. And the PowerCore 13000 is just the device for your needs.

If you’re using an iPhone 8 as your daily smartphone, you can look forward to getting as much as eight full charges from this power bank. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and iPhone X will recharge up to three times on a single charge of the power bank. And tablets like the iPad Air 2 can be recharged once on a single charge.

As you can see, the life of power banks greatly depends on what you’re charging, as well as how often you plan on charging. You may get more or fewer charges, so it’s important to consider these factors when choosing the right power bank for your needs.

There’s a reason Anker’s PowerCore series of power banks consistently rank highly. They are reliable, powerful, and well-made. For most consumers, these are reason enough alone to invest in Anker products.

We’re certainly sold.


  • PowerIQ – As its name suggests, you’re getting intelligent charging from the power bank. This is effective in a couple of ways. Firstly, it ensures that your devices get the optimal amount of power distribution while they’re recharging. And secondly, it prevents your devices from overcharging and running the risk of damage.
  • MultiProtect – This must-have feature keeps your devices safe while they’re being recharged. You don’t have to worry about the power bank short-circuiting, as MultiProtect works to prevent power surges and other potentially damaging effects.
  • VoltageBoost – This technology ensures that your devices recharge quickly and efficiently by preventing resistance from your charging cables. Depending on what you’re using, you may see your charging times cut in half. This is a necessity for businessmen and women who heavily rely on their gadgets throughout the day.


  • Micro-USB Charging – This now somewhat antiquated charging port means the PowerCore 13000 takes a good while to recharge. A USB-C port would have made a big difference in this regard. But, it’s clear Anker was trying to keep costs low for the consumer. As long as you plan ahead and recharge overnight, you should be in good shape.


We had a great time trying out this power bank and putting it through its paces. The Anker PowerCore 13000 kept up with our device usage every step of the way, providing us with consistent power. Power banks such as this are ideal for both work and personal use.

You’re getting a reliable product that is sure to serve you well, and we wholeheartedly recommend it.


RAVPower vs Anker

Anker and RAVPower both make some of the best portable chargers available. But which one is right for your needs? Today, we are going to help you determine just that. We have reviewed the top power banks to make your quest for the best portable charger a whole lot easier.



Product Name


Best Overall Option

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 

Upgrade Option

RAVPower 30000mAh Power Bank

Value Option

Anker PowerCore 5000

Which Is Better: RAVPower or Anker?

Anker has positioned themselves as the leading brand among portable power banks. When looking at Anker vs RAVPower, one must consider features and warranty. While RAVPower is certainly a highly capable manufacturer, Anker beats them when it comes to backing their respective power bank chargers.

RAVPower includes 12 months of protection against manufacturer defects, while Anker delivers an impressive 18 month of protection. With that being said, if RAVPower produces the better product, does warranty really matter?

To determine this, we need to take a closer look at each of their top products in the battle of RAVPower vs Anker. In the end, you might be surprised to learn who came out victorious.

Is RAVPower a Good Brand?

Without question. RAVPower makes some of the very best portable charger devices on the market today. And as you will see in a moment, they certainly give Anker a proverbial run for their money. Thanks to an extensive line of power banks, RAVPower provides for a wealth of needs among their consumer base.

Who Makes RAVPower?

RAVPower is among several product lines under the Sunvalley Group company. Based out of Shenzhen, China, Sunvalley Group has many subsidiaries around the world. As such, they have a nicely sized footprint that branches out through the consumer market.

Is Anker a Reliable Brand?

Anker is one of the most trusted brands in the electronics industry. Their charging technology is a big hit among consumers, delivering a wide range of charging devices for all kinds of gadgets. When you look at them vs RAVPower, it’s clear that Anker is the more established brand.

Although RAVPower has technically been around longer (by 4 years), Anker has since dominated the power bank market. As you will learn momentarily, Anker’s top-of-the-line power banks give them a fighting edge over their competition.


1. Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 – Best Overall Option

The Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 is an excellent performer all around. Its slim and compact size make it a breeze to carry with you. It’s perfect for travel, as it doesn’t take up much room, and it provides plenty of power for most of your charging needs.

Both standard USB and USB-C are available, making it easy to charge up newer devices. We like this portable charger due to its smart charging capabilities and solid construction. Anker once again delivers a winner here thanks to a user-friendly design and excellent performance.

If you use a smartphone and/or tablet throughout the day, the PowerCore Slim 10000 is perfect for your needs. It charges up quickly, allowing you to get the most use out of your favorite electronic devices.

You can use either standard micro USB or the newer USB-C to recharge the PowerCore Slim 10000. Keep in mind that USB-C will always charge up the power bank more quickly. Still, it’s nice to have both options if you don’t have access to a USB-C charging cable.

Thanks to Quick Charge (with USB-C), you can look forward to your devices charging up considerably faster than using standard USB. This is ideal for those of you who rely on your electronic devices for work. Keeping the PowerCore Slim 10000 by your side ensures that you’ll have plenty of juice throughout the day.


  • USB/USB-C – Having access to both USB types ensures that you are investing in a highly versatile power bank. You don’t have to worry about special adapters like you find on some other brands.
  • Quick Charge – We all know how aggravating it can be to have to wait on your smartphone or tablet to recharge. Thankfully, Anker’s PowerCore Slim 10000 comes equipped with Quick Charge technology, allowing you to top off your favorite device in record time. Keep in mind that this feature only works on certain devices.
  • LED Indicator – We like knowing how much battery life is left on our power banks. Anker understands the importance of this, so they included a handy LED wheel that constantly displays the power bank’s remaining battery life. This is especially useful during travel.


  • Cords Not Included – Back in the day, it was “batteries not included”. In the modern era, it’s the cords you have to worry about. Thankfully, most of us are sitting on more cords than we can handle. Micro-USB shouldn’t be an issue for most people, but you might need to spring for USB-C.

2. RAVPower 30000mAh Power Bank – Upgrade Option

Now this is one beast of a power bank. With 30000mAh under the hood, you’re getting enough power to charge up a laptop or gaming system. In fact, we had no trouble providing power to our Nintendo Switch during testing.

With this RAVPower power bank, you get access to two smart USB-A ports, a USB-C port with Power Delivery, and a handy wall charger outlet! If you need portable power, this is the charger for you.

We absolutely love the inclusion of a wall charger outlet. You don’t often see this on power banks, so we give credit to RAVPower for including this excellent feature.

You can still plug in all of your micro-USB devices using the standard USB ports. And if you’re using a newer device that uses USB-C, RAVPower has you covered. This is easily our favorite RAVPower power bank, but be warned; it is a bit pricey.

It’s almost 4 times as much as what you’d pay for a typical power bank. Still, you have to consider all of the handy features you’re getting in return. Think about the times you’ve been away from home and needed an actual wall charger. With the RAVPower 30000mAh Power Bank, you get the ultimate in convenience.


  • Connectivity – RAVPower loads you down with connectivity options. Every kind of port you could possibly need (within reason) is here for the taking. For vacationers, this power bank is a must-have.
  • 30000mAh – With this kind of capacity, you can charge up all kinds of electronic devices. Smartphones? Check. Tablets? Check. USB-C game consoles? Check. Laptops? Check. But it doesn’t end there. You can now power up your electric shaver if you want to, and a whole lot more.
  • Fast Recharging – Thanks to RAVPower’s fast charging tech, you can recharge your devices 2 and a half times faster than if you were using a standard power bank. Less waiting around means more time to use your gadgets.


  • Expensive – You’re going to pay for the added convenience, but for many, it’s more than worth it. You get features that you simply can’t get on lesser power banks.

3. Anker PowerCore 5000 – Value Option

This budget-friendly power bank is ideal for travel. Its small, cylindrical shape makes the perfect companion for biking, hiking, running, or walking. And at less than 5 ounces, you’ll barely notice it’s on you.

You get instant access to both USB-A and micro-USB. With 5000mAh at the ready, it’s ideal for periodically charging up your smartphone. You likely won’t want to use the PowerCore 5000 on much else, as it’s pretty under-powered compared to the other entries we reviewed.

But for charging your smartphone up throughout the day? No problem. It’s an excellent little unit that does exactly what it’s designed to do. You will need to provide your own USB-C and micro-USB charging cables, but other than that, this is an excellent buy.

You’ll likely have to charge this little guy up every night, as its capacity doesn’t offer the range of higher-end power banks. Just charge it up next to your smartphone and you’ll be in good shape for the following day.


  • Compact – We love now perfectly-compact this power bank is. It’s easy to slip into your bag while you’re out and about. You can even carry it in your pocket without getting in the way.
  • PowerIQ – This handy technology allows you to charge up your devices quickly and efficiently. While it doesn’t support Quick Charge, we found PowerIQ to provide acceptable charging times.
  • Budget-Friendly – We also love the price of the PowerCore 5000. It’s one of the more affordable power banks available, and it performs really well, to boot.


  • 5000mAh – You don’t get much power compared to higher-end models, but 5000mAh does the trick for smartphones and the like. As long as you know its limitations, you’ll be happy with your investment.


So, who walked away as the best power bank? We have to give it to RAVPower. Their 30000mAh Power Bank is just too convenient to pass up. It’s an absolute must-have for anyone who travels. And its handy power outlet makes it worth the higher price tag.

Don’t get us wrong, though. Both the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 and PowerCore 5000 have their places. They each performed remarkably well in our testing, surpassing our expectations across the board. If you’re not one who travels often or ever needs a power outlet at all times, both Anker power banks should serve you well.


How to Choose a Backpack with a Power Bank

Portable power banks have become another everyday accessory for our favorite devices. And one of the most clever and practical uses of power banks is combining them with backpacks. Now you can charge on the go, completely hands-free! To help you find the best backpacks with power banks, we tested out and narrowed down the top 4 entries.



Product Name


Best Overall Option

SwissDigital Laptop Backpack

Upgrade Option

Clearon Bluetooth Backpack

Value Option

Tzowla Travel Backpack

Alternative OptionValue Option

HAWEEL Solar Power Backpack

Backpacks That Can Charge Your Phone

One of the better inventions to come out that makes use of the ever-handy power bank is that of backpacks with charging capabilities. These practical portable power packs provide plenty of power while you’re on the go. Now you can easily carry all of your gadgets and keep them charged up in the process.

How Do Backpacks With USB Work?

Portable power packs work just like traditional power banks. Inside the backpack is a portable charger. You simply use its charging port like you would any other USB charging device. Once the power bank is sufficiently charged, your backpack is ready for travel.

Backpacks that charge your devices are ideal for commuting or traveling on foot. With portable power always at the ready, you can keep anything from smartphones to laptops charged up as you travel.

How to Use a Backpack With USB Charging Port

Backpacks with chargers typically have a USB charging port on the outside for easy access to all of your devices. This allows you to use your smartphone, tablet, or other applicable devices as they charge up while you’re on the move. It’s a convenient way to get the most out of your portable electronic devices without fear of running low on power.


1. SwissDigital Laptop Backpack – Best Overall Option

SwissDigital’s laptop backpack is a comprehensive unit that comes ready to deliver quality charging on the go. This is one of the finest entries we tested, with excellent design and construction throughout. Thanks to nylon and polyester material, you don’t have to worry about accidental snagging and tearing.

It comes packed with plenty of pockets and room for all of your belongings. You get access to a total of 20 small and large pockets, as well as 3 huge main compartments. You can easily carry laptops measuring up to 15.6 inches. Side pockets and webbing provide you with even more storage space.

SwissDigital’s backpack was built with protection in mind. It is equipped with RFID blocking technology, preventing would-be thieves from stealing your sensitive information. So you can safely store your wallet and credit cards in confidence and without fear of someone trying to swipe your data.

On the outside of the laptop-backpack is a USB port, providing you with instant access to your power bank. The drawback here is that you’ll have to provide your own portable charging bank. While this isn’t uncommon among these types of backpacks, you might expect there to be one given the price.

But what you’re paying for exceptional durability and build quality. This is a laptop backpack that should last for years. It’s built like a tank, using strong materials that can last a lifetime with the proper care. You certainly won’t have to worry about your belongings getting damaged with the protection that this backpack provides.

So grab a reliable power bank if you don’t already one, and you’ll be good to go. The SwissDigital USB charging laptop backpack is one of the best buys for the price. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Nylon/Polyester – Thanks to these tough, durable, and long-lasting materials, you can look forward to getting plenty of use out this laptop backpack. The stitching is most excellent throughout, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about tearing. If you want a backpack that’s built to last, this is the one for you.
  • TSA-Approved – This backpack unzips like a clamshell, providing agents with a complete view of your belongings. This allows you to get through security checks quickly and efficiently.
  • RFID Protection – An RFID pocket keeps your most valuable data and information safe and secure from prying cyber-thieves. Now you can travel in safety knowing that your belongings are out of the reach of potential theft.


  • No Power Bank – You’ll have to provide your own power bank and charging cables. If you already have one, just slip it in the backpack and run your cable to the USB port. Now you can use the USB charging hub to conveniently charge your devices while you’re on the go.

2. Clearon Bluetooth Backpack – Upgrade Option

This is easily the most versatile charging backpack we’ve ever reviewed. Not only do you get portable charging power on the go, but you also get built-in portable speakers. Thanks to Bluetooth 3.0 technology, there’s no need to mess with pesky wires to connect your media device.

The build quality of this backpack is impressive, to say the least. It sports a modern design that is sure to turn heads. The outer shell is very thick and durable, providing you with further protection from drops, bumps, and bangs.

And its large size ensures that you will be able to comfortably carry your belongings. Teflon fabric lining provides a water-resistant material that keeps your electronic devices protected from the rain.

And unlike other charging backpack entries we reviewed, Clearon’s Bluetooth Backpack comes with its own power bank. Simply provide your own USB charging cables to keep your favorite devices charged up and ready to go.

Out of all the unique features of Clearon’s backpack, it is perhaps the built-in speakers that deserve the most praise. This removable unit provides you with wireless audio anywhere you go. The sound quality is commendable, and there are even built-in controls that allow you to adjust the volume.

The price is a bit higher than other backpacks we looked at. But it’s understandable considering the great features included with this model.


  • Auto-Shutoff – When a device isn’t connected to the Bluetooth speakers, it will shut off automatically to avoid unnecessarily draining the battery. This is just another handy feature that you can rely on to provide you with an enjoyable experience.
  • Built-in Speakers – These powerful speakers deliver loud sound for any occasion. And thanks to built-in controls, you can adjust the volume to your surroundings. The speakers are also removable from the backpack, giving you greater freedom and versatility.
  • Water-Resistant – No charging backpack would be complete without protective water-resistant material. The Teflon fabric lining ensures that your electronics and other belongings stay safe and dry at all times.


  • 5000mAh – The only drawback to this laptop backpack is that the power bank is a bit underpowered. You certainly won’t be plugging anything into the USB port besides smartphones.

3. Tzowla Travel Backpack – Value Option

There’s a lot to like about Tzowla’s Travel Backpack. It is jam-packed with user-friendly features, making it our top pick as the best value option. This handy charging backpack comes equipped with an anti-theft locking feature that ensures all of your belongings stay safe and secure.

On the top portion of the Travel Backpack is a locking mechanism. To use this clever feature, you zip up the pulls on the main pocket to where both zipper-pulls meet in the middle, aligned with the lock. By inserting the pulls into the lock, you turn a dial to actuate the locking mechanism into the zippers’ pulls.

To get into your backpack and access your belongings, you must enter the correct 3-digit code. This is accomplished by turning numerical dials. When the correct passcode is selected, the locking mechanism will open, allowing you to remove the zipper pulls and unzip the main pocket.

It’s an incredibly handy addition that is a must-have for anyone who regularly carries their electronics with them. We found it to be very easy to use. Gaining access to the main pocket is quick and easy. And the locking mechanism feels solid and sturdy.

We love all of the pockets you get inside and out of the charging backpack. There is more than enough room for your everyday belongings. As a laptop backpack, you can carry laptops at big as 15.6 inches. There is also lots of room for books, magazines, tablets – you name it.

And with its water-resistant construction, you can safely travel in the rain without fear of damaging your electronics and personal belongings.

It’s important to note that this backpack does not come with a power bank. You must supply your own. Furthermore, you have to provide your own charging cables, as well. The backpack comes equipped with a small hub for connecting both a charging USB port and a headphone jack.

These are essentially female inputs that must have your own cables connected to each end. So you will need one cable running from your power bank to the hub, and a charging cable running from your device to the hub. The same is true for the headphone jack.

To make this work, you will need to keep your smartphone or tablet inside the backpack, with an AUX cable running from your device to the hub’s headphone jack. Then, from the outside of the USB port hub, simply plug in your headphones or earbuds. It sounds a little convoluted, but it works well in practice.

While you do have to provide your own power bank and cables, the price of this laptop backpack is reasonable. If you want a reliable backpack at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with this budget-friendly entry.


  • Water-Resistant – If you’re going to be carrying around expensive electronics in a backpack with charging capabilities, you need to protect your belongings from the rain. And that’s exactly what you get with this backpack. Its water-resistant construction ensures that your items stay dry in the rain or snow.
  • Charging Hub – Thanks to this handy addition, you can easily charge up your devices and listen to music. Having instant access to both a USB port and a headphone jack makes this backpack an excellent travel companion.
  • Anti-Theft System – Tzowla made sure that your items stay safe and secure by incorporating a locking mechanism. Thanks to a built-in passcode system, you can rest easy knowing that only you can access your belongings.


  • Power Bank Not Included – While it’s certainly understandable given the backpack’s affordable price, it is a bit of a bummer that you have to provide your own power bank and charging cables. If you don’t already have a reliable power bank, you’ll want to pick one up if you decide to invest in this backpack.

4. HAWEEL Solar Panel Backpack – Alternative Option

If you like to have the latest and most innovative products, you might want to give HAWELL’s solar panel backpack a look. This laptop backpack comes with all of the staples you’d expect to get from a backpack with USB charging capabilities.

So, how does it work? Well, like anything with solar power, sunlight is absorbed through the huge solar panel outfitted on the main portion of the backpack. This is then fed through to your power bank, which is then connected to the backpack’s charging port. And from the charging port, you plug in your smartphone or tablet.

You will have to provide your own power bank, and you can’t charge your devices directly using the USB port and solar energy. It has to have a power bank connected to make use of solar energy. We would have liked it if you could just connect your phone or tablet to the USB charging port.

But alas, you must have a power bank connected. We found that you pretty much have to be direct sunlight for the solar panel to work the best. But it does work and could come in handy for someone to hikes a lot or take camping trips.

And while the backpack isn’t truly water-resistant, it’s pretty durable. It has strong material that does a fine job of repelling moisture. You’ll just want to make sure you get to it before it penetrates into the backpack. Everything else feels sturdy, from the USB charging port to the zippers and handle.

The price is obviously a bit higher than traditional backpacks that are equipped with a USB charging port. But it’s well-made, unique, and certainly a talking point.


  • Solar Power – This feature ensures that you’ll always have access to power. As long as you have a portable charger, you can feel safe knowing battery life is just a ray of sunshine away.
  • Durable – One of the best features we like about this backpack is its incredible build quality. From the straps to the stitching, everything is solid and secure. If you like to hike, this a dependable backpack that should serve you well in the wild.
  • Large Pockets – The Solar Panel backpack comes with huge pockets. You can comfortably carry a laptop and all kinds of electronics and belongings in it.


  • Power Bank Only – Without a power bank, you won’t be able to charge up using the USB port. This was a bit of a letdown, but it’s understandable. Just be sure to buy the right kind of power bank if you plan on taking this backpack hiking or camping.


So, which power bank backpack is the best buy? We have to give it to SwissDigital’s Laptop Backpack. The design is excellent and the construction is highly durable. While the other entries certainly have their place, SwissDigital’s reliability and spacious storage make it a winner.

Plus, it’s water-resistant and protects against potential theft. Sure, you can get more affordable backpacks. But do they offer the same protection and last as long?


Best Portable Charger for Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a remarkable smartphone. To ensure that you are getting the most out of its fast charging capabilities, you want to make sure you invest in the proper power bank charger. To make your life easier, we have compiled the top portable chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S8.



Product Name


Best Overall Option

RAVPower PD 15000

Upgrade Option

Anker PowerCore+

Value Option

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000

Which Power Bank Is Best for Samsung S8?

One of the better inventions to come out that makes use of the ever-handy power bank is that of backpacks with charging capabilities. These practical portable power packs provide plenty of power while you’re on the go. Now you can easily carry all of your gadgets and keep them charged up in the process.

How Many mAh Does It Take to Charge a Galaxy S8?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes packed with a battery that has 3000mAh capacity. As long as you have a comparable power bank, you’ll be able to sufficiently recharge your Galaxy S8 without issue.

The S8 is also capable of supporting Samsung’s Adaptive Fast-Charging. This requires a 15-watt Type-C USB charging block or power bank.

To get the best charging performance in your Galaxy S8, you’ll want to invest in a power bank charger that either has a minimum of 3000mAh battery capacity, 15-watt output, or both.

How Do I Get My Galaxy S8 to Charge Fast?

Backpacks with chargers typically have a USB charging port on the outside for easy access to all of your devices. This allows you to use your smartphone, tablet, or other applicable devices as they charge up while you’re on the move. It’s a convenient way to get the most out of your portable electronic devices without fear of running low on power.


1. RAVPower PD 15000 – Best Overall Option

For the money, RAVPower delivers our top pick as the best charger overall for the Samsung S8. We tried out many power banks but kept coming back to this one when we needed to top off our devices. It’s one of the slimmest, most compact power banks available for the S8. And yet it delivers exceptional charging performance.

The PD 15000 is equipped with a USB-C charging port. This allows you to get the fastest recharge times when charging up the portable charger. Although we have to admit, we did miss not having a micro-USB charging port.

While it’s true that a USB-C port is loads better, we like the option of having micro-USB in case it’s the only cord available in a pinch.

For charging up your electronic devices, you get a single USB-A charging port. Obviously, 2 would have been better for dual charging. But this isn’t as big of a deal as it might seem. This is because you can use the USB-C charging port to charge up a secondary device.

The USB-C port is usually reserved for charging power banks. But RAVPower opted to deliver a unique portable charger that provides the user with convenience and efficiency. This makes it one of our favorite portable chargers, as it’s incredibly handy to have around.

We also love the amazingly compact size of this portable charger. It’s a cinch to carry around in your pocket, as you barely even notice it’s there. It’s the best size for traveling on foot or by bicycle.

The RAVPower PD 15000 is portable charging done right. It’s one of the best power banks that money can buy, delivering exceptional performance at all times. The price is also very reasonable. You’re not only getting one of the best portable chargers around, but you’re also getting it at an affordable price.

If you want a reliable charger that comes with great features and solid performance, this is your best bet.


  • iSmart USB-C Port – Thanks to this handy feature, you can use the charging port that’s usually reserved for power banks to charge up a secondary device at the same time. Now you can charge your Samsung S8 along with another smartphone or tablet.
  • Numerical LED Indicator – Most portable chargers have simplistic LED lights that let you know when the battery is completely charged. But the RAVPower PD 15000 comes equipped with a full numerical LED display. Now there’s no guessing how much battery power you have remaining.
  • Power Delivery Charging – This ensures that your devices charge up faster than ever. If you’re often in a rush to get out the door and on the go, this is the best feature for your needs. You can look forward to less downtime and more using your devices.


  • No Wall Charger Included – You’ll have to supply your own wall charger if you want to charge up the power bank. This isn’t really a big deal, though, as most power banks omit this accessory. Most of us have plenty of these lying around the house anyway.

2. Anker PowerCore+ – Upgrade Option

If you want to get the absolute best charging out of your Samsung Galaxy S8, then the Anker PowerCore+ power bank charger is just what the doctor ordered. This hefty portable power bank boasts an incredible 15 watts of charging power. And with plenty of other great features, you’ll find this to be an excellent companion to your Galaxy S8.

Thanks to fast charging and plenty of wattages, you can look forward to charging up your S8 in record time. As one of the bigger power banks we reviewed, the Anker PowerCore+ certainly isn’t the most compact portable charger for the Galaxy S8. But considering its amazing charging power, this is only a small caveat to deal with.

To recharge the PowerCore+, it comes equipped with a USB-C port. This ensures that you’ll be able to juice up your power bank charger in as little time as possible. In fact, using the USB-C port will recharge this power bank in about 3 hours.

If you’re constantly on the go, you’ll find this feature to come in quite handy. You’re also getting Anker’s trusty MultiProtect feature that ensures you never have to worry about your Galaxy S8 getting zapped while it is charging up.

Not only that, but Anker also equipped the PowerCore+ with advanced trickle charging technology. This is important in charging your Samsung S8, as it prevents it from getting too much or too little power as it is recharging. This is a must-have feature for any power bank charger, especially one that’s going to be charging up a high-end device like the Galaxy S8.

So powerful and mighty is the PowerCore+, it can even charge up laptops that make use of the power bank’s USB-C port. This is all thanks to its huge, 26800mAh battery capacity. With versatility like this at your command, you’ll always have plenty of power for all of your favorite electronic devices.

Now, it’s important to mention that the PowerCore+ is a bit on the steep side when compared to other portable power banks. That said, you are definitely getting your money’s worth here.

Included with the power bank charger is a USB-C to USB-C charging cable, a massive 60-watt wall charger for fast charging, a travel pouch, and an 18-month warranty. You’re getting everything you need to start charging up your devices right away.

It’s reliable, solid, and never missed a beat during our tests. You’ll pay a bit more, sure. But you can’t beat performance and power like this.


  • 26800mAh Battery Capacity – This huge battery capacity ensures that you’ll be able to charge up a whole lot more than just your Galaxy S8. From laptops to Nintendo Switch game consoles, the PowerCore+ handles it all with ease. Combined with its 45-watt charging power, you’re investing in a reliable power bank that delivers phenomenal charging capabilities.
  • Fast Charging – Anker gives you a power bank charger that delivers lightning-fast charging speeds. You can look forward to charging up your Samsung S8 in record time. Not only that, but this feature is compatible with many other devices, as well.
  • MultiProtect – When charging up your expensive electronic devices, you can’t afford to invest in a power bank charger that doesn’t offer protection. With MultiProtect, you never have to worry about power surges or short-circuiting. Recharge with the confidence that your devices are always protected from potential damage.


  • Expensive – You’re going to pay more for the Anker PowerCore+. But you’re also getting one truly impressive power bank. Charge 2 devices at the same time, recharge with fast charging and charge up laptops. With this kind of performance and versatility, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

3. Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 – Value Option

The Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 power bank is a handy little portable charger. We like that it comes equipped with both USB-C and micro-USB charging ports for recharging the power bank. If you don’t have one handy, you can always fall back on the other to keep your portable charger juiced up and ready to go.

We also love the slim design and construction of this portable charger power bank. It’s incredibly compact, making it a breeze to pack with you on trips. It’s also ideal for when you’re traveling on foot or by bike. Its lightweight body makes it barely noticeable when you’re carrying it around.

Recharge times are quick and snappy with the PowerCore Slim 10000. While it doesn’t have enough wattage to make use of Samsung’s Adaptive Fast-Charging, it does have its own PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology. These two combine to work together and give you fast charging in all of your devices.

During our testing of the PowerCore Slim 10000, we found its quick charging abilities to rival that of Samsung’s Adaptive Fast-Charging. It’s not quite as fast, but it sure gets the job done in a respectable fashion. The Galaxy S8 charges up quickly and efficiently thanks to Anker’s technology.

At about the same size as a traditional smartphone, the PowerCore Slim 10000 is the perfect companion for your Samsung Galaxy. Other power banks are big and bulky. But this one is just the right size. It easily slips into your back pocket, giving you a compact and highly-portable power bank charger for all of your daily activities.

While the PowerCore Slim 10000 does indeed make use of both a micro-USB and USB-C port, we recommend using the USB-C port when recharging the power bank.

Micro-USB is handy and all, but it’s really slow compared to USB-C. Older versions didn’t yet have a USB-C port for charging the portable charger, so this is a nice addition to see.

As far as charging up your favorite devices, you get access to a single USB-A charging port. True, you can only charge one device at a time, but given the low price, this is to be expected.

As portable chargers go, we were plenty pleased with what this power bank brought to the table. It’s very affordable, well-made, attractive, and it performed well in all of our tests. We can’t recommend it enough.


  • Trickle Charging – This handy feature serves to ensure that your Samsung and other devices don’t overcharge. Every device gets the optimal amount of power as it recharges, providing you with clean, efficient charging at all times.
  • PowerIQ/VoltageBoost – Thanks to these two technologies, you can look forward to speedy recharge times across all of your devices and gadgets. This worked well in our tests, charging up the Samsung Galaxy in little time.
  • Protection – Anker’s MultiProtect ensures that all of your devices are protected from short-circuiting, power surges, and other menacing issues. You can rest assured that your Samsung S8 will recharge safely, quickly, and efficiently.


  • One Charging Port – You get 2 charging ports (USB-C and micro-USB) for recharging the power bank itself. But you only get one charging port (USB-A) for recharging your devices. If you absolutely must have dual-charging, we recommend checking out something like Anker’s PowerCore+ (above).


So, what was the best power bank for Samsung’s Galaxy S8? Each one performed remarkably well in all of our tests. But in the end, our pick went to RAVPower’s PD 15000. It’s the most ideal portable charger for the S8, delivering exceptional charging performance.

Plus, the ability to use the USB-C port as a secondary charging port is the icing on the cake. If you’re looking for the best portable power charging option for the S8, the PD 15000 is it.


Best Wireless Charger for LG G6

Looking for a great wireless charger for your LG G6? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover which wireless chargers made the cut as we review three of the very best model available. We tell you why these entries made the cut so you know which model is right for your needs.



Product Name


Best Overall Option

Yootech Wireless Charger

Upgrade Option

GAZEON Wireless Charger

Is the LG G6 Wireless Charging Capable?

It sure is. By investing in a wireless charging pad, you can get the most out of your shiny new smartphone. Wireless charging LG G6 chargers are everywhere you look, in fact.

We’ve narrowed down the best entries after trying out several to tell you which ones are worth the investment. As you’ll soon discover, fast wireless charging is easier than you might think.

You can charge your LG G6 on a wireless charging pad, eliminating the need for pesky wires. If you’re interested in wireless chargers, read on to learn more about these innovative inventions.

Can My LG Phone Be Charged Wirelessly?

This largely depends on the type of phone you have. Not all LG phones can make use of wireless chargers. You’ll need to check to make sure it is compatible with a charging pad before you invest in a wireless charger.

What Type of Charger Does LG G6 Use?

The LG G6 makes use of the USB-C charging cable. If you invest in a wireless charger, you won’t have to use this cable to charge your smartphone. However, it’s likely that the wireless charging unit will use this type of charging cable anyway, as it needs to be plugged in to charge your device wirelessly.


1. Yootech Wireless Charger – Best Overall Option

Yootech Wireless Charger

This sleek, modern-looking wireless charger is a great option for LG G6 users. If you’ve been looking for cell phones wireless charger, this charging pad is right up your alley.

We love the look and feel of this model. There isn’t a lot to mess with in order to use it. Simply plug the charging pad into the wall outlet and place your phone on top of it. Soon, you will be annoying wireless charging without the need for wires.

Thanks to Qi charging capabilities, you can look forward to faster wireless charging times, cutting down on the amount of wait time usually associated with charging. The quick charge feature works really well. In all of our testing, we noticed improved charging speeds thanks to this handy addition.

Not only that, but this charging pad also comes equipped with protection features that prevent your phone from overcharging. You can also look forward to surge protection to keep your phone from getting fried. These preventive features are a must-have in any charging device.

The best wireless charging pad models come with preventive features. So you’re sure to enjoy a safe wireless charging experience with the Yootech charging pad.

The build quality and construction are solid and sturdy. As an LG wireless charger, G6 owners will be plenty pleased with the performance of this unit. The price is more than reasonable, too. You’re getting excellent performance at an affordable price.

The build quality is sound, ensuring that you’re investing in a unit that will last. It feels durable, too. So you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

The price is more than fair. We suggest saving your money on higher-end models and investing in this quality unit. It performed well in all our tests, and we can’t recommend it enough. Yootech has delivered a finely-crafted wireless charger for a great price.


  • Protection – You don’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged with this charger. It continually makes sure that there are no power surges that could harm your mobile device. Safe wireless charging is made easy and affordable thanks to this handy addition.
  • Fast Wireless Charging – In a hurry and need your phone charged quickly? No problem here. This wireless charging device keeps your phone juiced up quickly and efficiently with fast wireless charging. Just place your phone on the charging pad for fast, effective wireless charging.
  • 3 Wireless Charging Modes – Now you can control how much power is supplied to your phone with this charger. With this handy setting, you get just the right amount of wireless charging output to your device, for safer wireless charging.


  • Limited Use – The drawback to this wireless charging device is that it’s a bit underpowered. While it delivers faster wireless charging, it’s not quite as snappy as other higher-end wireless charging units. Still, for the price, you’re getting a great bargain.

2. GAZEON Wireless Charger – Upgrade Option

If you want to add some class to your wireless charging experience, look no further than to this stunning charging pad. It sports a sleek marble finish that ensures you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

There’s even gold plating around the pad to add more character and class to your wireless charging device. Want an attractive charger for cell phone? Wireless charging never looked so good with this unit.

The power bank uses USB-C charging. This ensures that your new wireless charger is able to deliver the fastest wireless charging experience possible.

And thanks to Qi charging, your wireless charging will be even faster. This fast wireless charging technology is the best available. It delivers incredible speed for a snappy wireless charging device. This charger is compatible with many smartphones. If you own other devices, you’ll want to check to see if it’s compatible with this slick quick charge pad.

Other charging pads pale in comparison. We looked at several charging pads, and this is hands-down the classiest of them all. You will certainly have something most others don’t.

It also makes a great display piece, so you won’t have to worry about putting up your wireless charging pad after you’re finished using it. Leave it out with pride, as it looks simply stunning.

You’re going to be a little bit more for this robust power bank. But by our estimation, the slight cost difference is well worth the investment. Considering the convenience it provides, can you really put a price on that?


  • Marble and Gold – These two combine to deliver a truly stunning charging experience. No other charging pads came close to providing the classy look and feel of this unique charger for the G6.
  • Quick Charge – Most of us lead pretty busy lives. As such, we don’t have time to wait around for our devices to charge up. Thanks to this G6 wireless charging pad feature, you can look forward to using your devices more often. This wireless charging pad definitely delivers excellent fast wireless charging.
  • USB-C – With this updated charging port, your wireless charging pad will charge up your G6 faster than ever. With this new charging port at the ready, you can always look forward to getting the fastest charging possible.


  • It’s Pricey – You’re going to be paying quite a bit more for this unit. With that being said, no wireless charger LG G6 comes close to its beauty. If you’re looking to stun your friends and family, this the charger for you.


When it came down to deciding which wireless charger was the better bang for your buck, we had to give it to Yootech Wireless Charger. They deliver a sleek, stylish charger in their own right that provides stellar performance and ease of use.

While the GAZEON is certainly unique, we can’t justify shelling out the extra cash just for looks. Yootech’s charger provides all the same benefits and features. It just doesn’t look quite as pretty. We recommend saving your money and investing in the Yootech wireless charger for your LG G6.

It’s well-made, it looks sharp, and it costs half the price of the GAZEON charger. We were plenty pleased with everything the Yootech had to offer, and you will be, too.