Best Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger

Are you tired of your unreliable wall charger letting you down? Are you looking for something that will charge your devices faster than ever before? Then you need a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger. We reviewed the best wall chargers so you know which ones to spend your money on.

Which Charger Is Best for Fast Charging?

When it comes to choosing the right wall charger for quickly charging your devices, nothing beats Quick Charge 3.0. This cutting-edge technology delivers the speediest charging around. You can look forward to your electronic devices charging up in record time.

With less waiting around, you can enjoy using your devices more often. These are especially useful to those who lead busy lives. You don’t have the time to waste waiting for your old, slow charger to juice up your smartphone or tablet.

By investing in a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger, you’ll stay one step ahead and be ready for the day with a fully charged device.

What Is the Fastest USB Wall Charger?

Without question, a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger gets the nod for the fastest charging. These fast chargers are designed to allow the most power to be delivered to your mobile device without overcharging it. You can trust that these wall chargers will power up your phone safely and efficiently.

If you want a phones charger that you can count on to charge your devices in record time, you need to invest in a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger.

What Is a Quick Charge 3.0 Plug?

Quick Charge 3.0 is a mobile component manufacturer Qualcomm’s latest and fastest charging technology. Introduced in 2015, this charging method allows for brands to make the fastest charger options on the market today. With fast charge technology in your wall charger, you’re getting safe, reliable, and efficient charging speeds.

Thanks to quick charge, you no longer have to wait around for your devices to charge up. Many high-end smartphones can be charged from 0 to 80% in a little as 30 minutes! With fast charging times like that, you’ll be able to get back the important things in your life. Not waiting on your phone to top off.

Does Quick Charge 3.0 Need a Special Cable?

Quick Charge 3.0 works with all kinds of charging cables. From USB-C to Lightning to micro-USB, you can count on Quick Charge 3.0 chargers to deliver the fastest charging speeds to all of your favorite devices. There’s no need to invest in any special cable to make the charger work (unless you lost your device’s original charging cable).


1. No products found. – Best Overall Option

The Aukey Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger is one of the best USB wall chargers available today. Aukey is known for delivering excellent power banks and phone accessories. And the Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger is no different. This well-made charging block has high-quality construction and feels great to the touch.

It comes with textured housing that makes it easy to handle. This fast-charging block is compatible with a litany of phones and tablets, ensuring that you will be able able to use it with your devices.

With quick charge 3.0, you can expect to get the fastest recharging times in any charging block. If you often find yourself in a rush, this is the unit for you. As one of the fastest chargers on the market, you can charge up 2 devices at the same time.

This is thanks to the charger coming equipped with 2 charging ports. You can, therefore, charge any combination of micro USB, USB-C, Lightning cable, and so on. This handy addition makes a big difference for families who need to quickly charge4 up their devices at the same time.

Now there’s no need to fight over the charging block, as the Aukey Quick Charge will take care of your needs. during our testing, we were able to charge up several devices in record time. We tried different combinations of USB-C/micro-USB, Lightning/USB-C, USB-C/USB-C, and micro-USB/Lightning. Each test results in the same consistent fast charging cross all of our devices.

The only real drawback for some users is that this is a solid, stationary unit. The plug portion doesn’t fold in like on other fast charging units. This isn’t really a big deal, though. It just means it isn’t as compact as other models.

We love the quick charge 3.0 on this charger. It delivers top charging speeds consistently. Plus, it never overcharges or runs the risk of frying your devices. It comes equipped with protective measures to ensure your electronics charge up safely and efficiently.

We also love the pricing of this charger. You can pick up this unit at an affordable price, making it easy for everyone to enjoy its quick charging feature.


  • EntireProtect – This feature makes sure that your devices charge safely at all times. You never have to worry about overcharging or overheating. These safeguards protect your devices from power surges and short circuits, as well. This is a must-have feature among chargers, and we’re happy to see it included with Aukey’s Quick Charge 3.0 USB wall charger.
  • Dual USB – Use any combination of USB-C, USB-A, micro-USB, and so on. You can charge up 2 devices at the same time and still look forward to blazing-fast recharging speeds. This feature performed well in all of our tests. We used every combination, too, and they all worked wonderfully. This included USB-C/micro-USB, Lightning/USB-C, USB-C/USB-C, and micro-USB/Lightning.
  • High Compatibility – Aukey made sure that its Quick Charge 3.0 works with all brands and models of devices. We had no trouble whatsoever in our tests. We tried out several devices from several brands. Each test delivered the same quick charging times among our devices.


  • No Folding – This isn’t a big deal to us, but it might be to other people. You can fold down the charging prongs like you can on other charger units. This makes the Aukey Quick Charge 3.0 less compact than those models that allow folding.

2. Anker Quick Charge 3.0 – Upgrade Option

The Anker Quick Charge 3.0 charger is very much the same as Aukey’s charger. We like this USB wall charger just as much as Aukey’s. It sports a blue LED light to let you know when it’s charging your devices. You get access to 2 USB ports for charging your devices.

We tried out several combinations just like with Aukey’s USB wall charger. The test yielded the same results as Aukey’s, too. We tested all combinations of USB-C/micro-USB, Lightning/USB-C, USB-C/USB-C, and micro-USB/Lightning.

Every device charged up quickly and efficiently. We are very pleased with this compact charger. It’s easily one of the best around, although it doesn’t feature a folding charger prong like on other models. Still, considering the fast and effective charging you get from this charger, it’s only a minor complaint.

You’re going to pay slightly more for this unit, but you’re getting the reliable performance you’ve come to expect from Anker. The build quality is most excellent, too. It’s smooth, compact, and solid. You won’t have to worry about dropping and damaging this charger.

You can always look forward to getting the best from Anker, and this charger doesn’t disappoint. You’re investing in a charger that’s built to last. Best of all, you can always expect your devices to charge up in record time.

If you’re usually in a hurry to get out the door, you need this Anker Quick Charge 3.0 charger. You will be happy with your purchase.


  • Travel Ready – Thanks to its slick, compact design, Anker’s charger is perfect for traveling. Its small size makes it easy to pack with you wherever you go. And yet it still delivers 2 charging ports for greater convenience.
  • LED Indicator – Not all charger units have LED lighting on them. So this feature stood out to us. when your devices are charging up, the LED light turns blue to let you know the charger is active and in use.
  • Warranty – As always, you get Anker’s 18-month warranty. This protects you from any defects that might occur within this window. If anything goes wrong, simply contact Anker to get your charger fixed or replaced. Their warranty is usually better than the competition, and this one is no different.


  • A Bit Costly – It’s certainly not expensive by any means. But you are going to pay slightly more than what you would with the other units we reviewed. Still, you can’t beat Anker’s quality and warranty. It’s some of the best around, making this charger worth the extra cost.

3. Elzo Quick Charge 3.0 – Value Option

Looking to save some money? On a tight budget? Then you need to give the Elzo quick charge charger some serious consideration. This affordable little unit features a folding plug for greater convenience. It’s ideal for travel, making this one more compact than any other model we reviewed.

The downside is that you only get access to one charging port. If you often need to charge up 2 devices at the same time, you might want to look at the previous 2 entries, as they come equipped with 2 charging ports. That being said, you’re saving a great deal of money on this model, so it’s understandable that cuts were made here and there.

We love the look and feel of this charger. It is sleek, classy, and to the point. You won’t find a lot of fancy textures or anything like that. but its simplicity is what makes it such a great little charger. You just flip out the plug, attach your charging cable, and plug it into the wall for fast, effective charging.

You can also look forward to safe charging at all times. Elzo equipped its charger with protective and preventive features to ensure that your devices charge up safely. There’s no need to worry about overcharging or overheating. You also don’t have to worry about power surges or short-circuiting when using this charger.

For the price, it’s one of the best deals around. Sure, you’re only getting one charge port. But if you don’t need to charge 2 devices at the same time, we can’t recommend this unit enough. It works well and is solid in its construction.

It worked wonderfully in all of our tests. Each device we charged did so quickly and efficiently. We tried several different phones out of different brands. Each one delivered the same fast results.

Elzo is sure to be a hit among smartphone users who need a quick charge device. Its price is most excellent, and it’s definitely worthy of your consideration.


  • Foldable Plug – what makes this little charger so different from other entries is its ability to be folded in when not in use. This feature makes the Elzo charger more compact for travel, too.
  • Safe Charge – You never have to worry about harming your devices thanks to the protective features of this charger. They prevent your devices from overheating or overcharging. They also prevent power surges from damaging your devices while they charge up.
  • Budget-Friendly – If you’re looking to save money, this is the charger for you. It costs a fraction of other similar chargers, and it works just as well. It surpassed our expectations in all of our tests. It consistently delivered fast charges to all of our devices without failing us once.


  • One Port – The only downside to this little guy is that you can only charge one device at a time. Still, considering the low price, this is to be expected. As long as you don’t need to charge more than one device at a time, you can’t go wrong with the Elzo Quick Charge 3.0 charger.


So, which charger was the best? Each entry performed admirably in all of our tests. We were very pleased with all of them, so it was hard to narrow it down to just one. But in the end, we had to give the win to Aukey’s Quick Charge 3.0 charger.

When you factor in its solid performance and reasonable price tag, it’s the charger to get. It handily charges up 2 devices at the same time, with each one seeing fast charge speeds. It’s affordable, well-built, and is a charger you can rely on to last for years.

The other 2 entries certainly have their place among consumers. Anker delivered a well-made unit, as well. It charges just as fast, but it’s a little higher priced. Still, it’s a solid charger from a great manufacturer.

And Elzo’s charger is ideal for the consumer who just needs to charge one device at a time. It also has a great price that makes it a worthy contender. It’s solid, simple, and won’t disappoint you if you decide to invest in it.